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What's coming in 2.1 in FFXIV (11/14/2013)

John Ryan Date: 2013-11-14 Views: 4111 ffxiv patch 2.1ffxivffxiv gilfinal fantasy xivmmogah

First off, going with what’s been said on the official blog regarding additional contents. 
Source: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/pr/blog/000494.html

  • Good King Moggle Mog XII

  • Extreme Primal Battles

  • New Dungeons

    • Two hard mode dungeons

    • Brand New Dungeon - Pharos Sirius

  • Crystal Tower (24 player dungeon)

  • Housing

  • Wolves’ Den (PvP)

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Hard mode boss battle for a specific boss (no name given yet)

  • Beastmen Daily Quest

  • Duty Finder - Random Matching System

Planned for 2.1 & Things being developed and aimed for 2.1

  • Sound effects when receiving specific chat aside from /tell

  • Become invincible for few seconds after receiving raise

  • Process to automatically fix the camera distance

  • Changing the item display for the Rare item supply

  • Displaying the amount of HQ in inventory for crafting/gathering

  • Display text for Arcanists Bane showing amount it spreads to (3 mobs)

  • Auto kick and Vote kick feature inside Instanced Dungeons

  • Displaying Company Chest usage history (who put in, took out stuff of FC chest)

  • Adjustments to the user interface

  • File Utility Feature (which allows to copy/transfer Hotbar and other settings to another PC)

  • Chat improvement so you know it’s the real GM sending you tell [GM] (name)

  • Implement Sort Feature

  • Feature to disable controllers L3/R3 push input

  • Expansion to XHB (Cross Hotbar) - New L2>R2 and R2>L2 showing additional actions

  • Adding Focus Target feature for the PS3 version

  • Adjustments to EXP earned inside the dungeon

  • Class/Job adjustments (Adjustments to Warriors, Dragoons Jump, Additionals, etc)

  • Making items up on market with/without crafters names (Right now it only applied to some items with/without names, they didn’t say which way they are going with)

  • Releasing Barber (Beauty Salon)

  • Implementation of Party Recruit Board

  • Adjustments to the achievement requirement (lowering requirement)

  • PS3 - Displaying the gil amount when purchasing items

  • Modifying hair display for head gear 
    (Some hair isn't shown when wearing head gear, they will make it where the hair WILL show)

  • Implementing feature to prioritize display for Behemoth and Odin (So everyone who’s outside of the 8m grid can see the mob)

  • Adjustments to food effect so it lasts even after death

  • Adjustments to achievement for Redberry fort so it can be obtained easier

  • Change the starting city

  • Be able to use pet actions through macro, rearrange pet action in hotbar

  • Tuning down the Shadow Flare’s effect

  • Be able to store event items (recent ones) into the armoury chest

Things Planned Post 2.1 & Things that are/will be looked into for post 2.1

  • Adjusting the amount of company seals required to trade for Dark Matter

  • FC Login announcement ON/OFF feature

  • Adjustments to crowd (ambient) noise

  • Feature to transfer FC Master’s authority

  • Addressing for people with color blindness

  • Adding changes to NPC’s reaction to players upon quest completion (first will be key NPC, others will be looked into/added later)

  • Display the map name next to the teleport window

  • Customize Retainers

  • Addressing objects which doesn’t take DOT effect

  • Vanity Slot system - Minagawa-san says 2.2 on 11/11 9pm post

  • Improving the ground target control using gamepad

  • Adjusting Guild Leve and Grand Company Leve EXP (increasing)

  • “Alliance” feature for Free Companies (Share/show chat, show members online, etc)

Source: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/118251-What-s-coming-in-2.1-being-worked-for-2.1-and-coming-in-post-2.1-%28Compilation%29

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