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What's coming in 2.1 in FFXIV (11/14/2013)

John Ryan November 14th, 2013 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

First off, going with what’s been said on the official blog regarding additional contents. 
Source: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/pr/blog/000494.html

  • Good King Moggle Mog XII

  • Extreme Primal Battles

  • New Dungeons

    • Two hard mode dungeons

    • Brand New Dungeon - Pharos Sirius

  • Crystal Tower (24 player dungeon)

  • Housing

  • Wolves’ Den (PvP)

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Hard mode boss battle for a specific boss (no name given yet)

  • Beastmen Daily Quest

  • Duty Finder - Random Matching System

Planned for 2.1 & Things being developed and aimed for 2.1

  • Sound effects when receiving specific chat aside from /tell

  • Become invincible for few seconds after receiving raise

  • Process to automatically fix the camera distance

  • Changing the item display for the Rare item supply

  • Displaying the amount of HQ in inventory for crafting/gathering

  • Display text for Arcanists Bane showing amount it spreads to (3 mobs)

  • Auto kick and Vote kick feature inside Instanced Dungeons

  • Displaying Company Chest usage history (who put in, took out stuff of FC chest)

  • Adjustments to the user interface

  • File Utility Feature (which allows to copy/transfer Hotbar and other settings to another PC)

  • Chat improvement so you know it’s the real GM sending you tell [GM] (name)

  • Implement Sort Feature

  • Feature to disable controllers L3/R3 push input

  • Expansion to XHB (Cross Hotbar) - New L2>R2 and R2>L2 showing additional actions

  • Adding Focus Target feature for the PS3 version

  • Adjustments to EXP earned inside the dungeon

  • Class/Job adjustments (Adjustments to Warriors, Dragoons Jump, Additionals, etc)

  • Making items up on market with/without crafters names (Right now it only applied to some items with/without names, they didn’t say which way they are going with)

  • Releasing Barber (Beauty Salon)

  • Implementation of Party Recruit Board

  • Adjustments to the achievement requirement (lowering requirement)

  • PS3 - Displaying the gil amount when purchasing items

  • Modifying hair display for head gear 
    (Some hair isn't shown when wearing head gear, they will make it where the hair WILL show)

  • Implementing feature to prioritize display for Behemoth and Odin (So everyone who’s outside of the 8m grid can see the mob)

  • Adjustments to food effect so it lasts even after death

  • Adjustments to achievement for Redberry fort so it can be obtained easier

  • Change the starting city

  • Be able to use pet actions through macro, rearrange pet action in hotbar

  • Tuning down the Shadow Flare’s effect

  • Be able to store event items (recent ones) into the armoury chest

Things Planned Post 2.1 & Things that are/will be looked into for post 2.1

  • Adjusting the amount of company seals required to trade for Dark Matter

  • FC Login announcement ON/OFF feature

  • Adjustments to crowd (ambient) noise

  • Feature to transfer FC Master’s authority

  • Addressing for people with color blindness

  • Adding changes to NPC’s reaction to players upon quest completion (first will be key NPC, others will be looked into/added later)

  • Display the map name next to the teleport window

  • Customize Retainers

  • Addressing objects which doesn’t take DOT effect

  • Vanity Slot system - Minagawa-san says 2.2 on 11/11 9pm post

  • Improving the ground target control using gamepad

  • Adjusting Guild Leve and Grand Company Leve EXP (increasing)

  • “Alliance” feature for Free Companies (Share/show chat, show members online, etc)

Source: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/118251-What-s-coming-in-2.1-being-worked-for-2.1-and-coming-in-post-2.1-%28Compilation%29

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