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The Right Way to Increase the Hardness of the Antiriding in WOW

How can we decrease the injury in the game of wow in patch 6.1? Believe this topic that attracts the most attention.    

l Anti-riding crisp, easy to die suddenly

Anti-riding crisp, a direct hit in the face when interrupted, especially for who has a high level in this category. In the face of hit, FQ is easy to die suddenly. Believe there is no objection on it. The major skills which can be predicted are less likely to be sudden death except for failing for initiative reduction injury coverage.

The Right Way to Increase the Hardness of the Antiriding in WOW

l The meaning of haste

In the patch 6.1 of wow, when the Seal of dance talent filled 50% haste, basically you can reach 70% -80% of the Shield coverage. It shows 2 points of this figure: (1) decrease more common injury by boss (2) You can save the beans faster in a short time. For example when BOSS puts skills in a high speed you can ensure enough to cover a Shield and not be interrupted. The logic here is that: high rapid - high shield coverage - break shield faster in a short period of time.

Hardness of the Antiriding in WOW

l Other questions may be involved

² Pure hand is Kathrine skills, which breaches freedom as well as sacrifice. The freedom you use it in FB? Do not give their own sacrifice.

² Pure hand is not used to save one’s life but to smoothen the blood line. Generally 30% or more Divine Blood frequently used, there is no problem in CD issues.


Finally, regard to SP, different people have different views. High level blood means that you will be more flexible and frequent using of the initiative to reduce injuries to hold it on the same percentage of the value. The more blood you have, the higher percentage corresponding to the blood. You will less likely to die suddenly when hit the face. Of course more SP you can get it by wow gold.

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