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The Howling Eye (Extreme Garuda) Written Text Guide

John Ryan Date: 2014-01-07 Views: 5013 guideffxivffxiv gilfinal fantasy xivmmogah

A:  I actually prefer these over video guides that explain everything and nothing.

B:  Seriously. Sometimes I need a written description of boss abilities and strategy. I don't always want to watch a 15 minute video of some guy talking about what everything does.

Link for the Guide: http://ffxivwiki.eorzeaendgame.com/The_Howling_Eye_(Extreme)

C:  Every group seems to do it this way, but personally my group has the off tank take Suparna south for the 2nd phase. If your DPS isn't garbage, it turns out better. I didn't even know about the Suparna/Garuda teleport-swap thing because she completely skips this step if Suparna is dead.

D:  My group is largely almost full 90 gear, and that's what we do. It helps the MT survive because only Suparna (I think she's the red line add) and Garuda cast wicked wheel, and often they cast it at the same time. So if your MT is holding Garuda and Suparna, he gets hit by downstream and 2x wicked wheel which can easily one hit even a really geared tank.EDIT: with this strat you have to kill Suparna first, but I prefer that anyways because she's the nastier of the two.

E:  Are you just excluding your melee from hitting Suprana or do you just not have melee at all?

The spiny comes down, your off tank taunts it at 2 stacks, and then he can't taunt Suparna to him because Provoke is on CD and the melee are just standing with the OT doing nothing while Suparna is across the tornados with Garuda on the MT. Can the melee cross over the tornados?

F:  They can if they time it right, the big tornadoes only do actual damage/knockback when the feather in the middle hits the ground. We just leave the melee with Garuda/Suparna and burn Suparna first. Then the melee stay on Garuda while the ranged kill Chirada.

Hopefully our gathered information can help you Final Fantasy XIV guys unlock The Howling Eye (Extreme Garuda), good luck.

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