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Should I buy in game currency or not

John Ryan November 17th, 2014 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

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------ An article wrote by one of our loyal customers. 

I bet a lot of people have been through the similar thing that I have. Hesitate about whether I do it or not, I remember a few lines of a song, sang by Greyson Chance, it goes like “The first step is the hardest, I know you can make it, go ahead and take it…you’re so afraid of taking chances, how you are gonna reach the top”

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When I first needed in-game currency, I thought about buying some, because it is much easier and faster this way. But the thought didn’t last long, it was defeated by the thought of losing my account, it was just a beginning of a war in my head. Every time that I’m in need of in-game currency the two thoughts would start to fight. It was something like this:

Buy: I really need this. There are many stuff that I want to buy.

Don’t buy: isn’t there always stuff that people wants? But you can’t always have what you want, I know you want to be a well-geared hardcore, but if you get ban, then there wont be anything left for you to play, do you really want to take the chance of getting ban?

Buy: No, but if you’re so afraid of taking chances, how you are gonna reach the top? Life is full of risks and surprises, you can’t live in fear and warring about things that might not even happen, although, it is good to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. And you wont be the first one to buy it, people have already tested the water for you long ago. The worst is to start all over again, but the chances are very tiny, and think about what you can achieve in-game, and all the fun you can have with your friends.

Don’t buy: Yea, you are right, it should be more about living not only surviving.

Eventually, I decided to buy some, to ignore the tiny chance of getting ban, and enjoy playing the game. The good thing is I am still playing the account, its been a long time since the first time I bought ffxiv gil from Mmogah.com. I do always be careful with where to buy and how to receive it. 


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