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Relic Weapon Novus Requirements and Methods in FFXIV

John Ryan Date: 2014-06-08 Views: 4229 ffxivfinal fantasy xivffxiv gilmmogah

Sphere Scroll

Quest starts at Jalzahn, you have to go talk to the materia people in Central Thanalan. You have to buy 3 Superior Enchanted Inks (500 Mythology Inks) from Rowena for 1500 Allagan Tomestones for Mythology to obtain your Sphere Scroll of which you need only one per weapon.

NPC: Hubairtin

Location: Central Thanalan Materia Camp

Your base stats (VIT, MND, DEX, STR, or INT) upgrade automatically. You don't need to worry about them for this. You can upgrade five additional bonus stats for 75 points total (PIE, CRT, DTM, SPS, SKP, PRY) which replace your current additional bonus stats of the animus weapon:

.                 Main Stat Maximum: + 44

.                 Sub Stat Maximum: +31

Accuracy, spell speed, skill speed, crit and parry cap at 44 points. Piety caps at 33 points. Determination caps at 31 points.


Each upgrade is done with an alexandrite and materia. Alternate stats that you didn't choose are removed when upgrade is complete (possibly sooner). You must go through this process, even if you want to maintain the current stats when you upgrade.


You need exactly 75 alexandrite total. A failed meld does not result in the loss of an alexandrite. They are acquired through the following ways:

.                 Atma-style fate drops (must wear animus weapon).

.                 Completing an alexandrite map (key item) obtained from using mysterious map (unique untradable item). These function the same as other treasure maps. If you fail, you lose the map. Others may help but one alexandrite is rewarded per map for the item holder alone. You can acquire a mysterious map in the following ways:

.                         Completing the daily quest "Morbid Motivation". This quest requires you to do an expert roulette (you do not need to wear your weapon for the roulette), where you will be rewarded with a mysterious map. The quest resets in the same manner roulettes do. If you don't complete the quest by the roulette reset time, you will not be able to start a new quest that day.
NPC: Brangwine
Location: Revenant's Toll

.                         Purchase a map for 800 mythology.
NPC: Auriana
Location: Revenant's Toll

.                 Update v2.3 will add another way to obtain alexandrite.


Materia is used for each meld (75 successful melds required for upgrade). Regardless of materia stats, you will gain only one point for each meld. If the melding fails, the materia is likely lost but you will keep the alexandrite catalyst. The materia tier required rises the further you progress in a particular stat.


Melding can fail. The chance of success is given before attempt. It starts with a 100% success rate that drops as you progress higher in a particular stat. When a higher tier materia is required, the success rate returns to 100% and falls similarly to the last tier. You do not need crafting skills to meld. You will keep your alexandrite in a failed meld but likely lose your materia.

.Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/27drfz/novus_upgrade_requirements_and_methods/


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