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One Day Left for FFXIV Patch 3.35

 There is ONE Day left for FFXIV Patch 3.35, are you ready for that? If “NO”, Mmogah totally recommends you to have a try then. The new patch is different from others, your level must be up to L17, it might not sound like much of a vacation spot, because it’s a multi-floor randomized dungeon consisting of voidsent and all sorts of horrible beasts, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s no doubt that there are other minor additions and improvements as well. So, folks take your time and fast level to 17 (if you have no time to do this and Mmogah would like to help you with ffxiv power leveling)

ffxiv patch 3.35

Also known as the Deep Dungeon, the new content is revealed to be way different than anything else in the MMORPG. Players can enter the Deep Dungeon with any combination of jobs and a group of any size between 1-4 players, earning experience and special weapons for use in the outside world as you level from the start once again, therefore every folk is equal here and fights for yourself.


In the first paragraph, I tell you about the threshold of the new Deep Dungeon is that players must have L17 or higher characters in order for them to enter. In addition, once folks enter the new deep dungeon, they must start from L1 again, which is a completely amazing and challenging design.

ffxiv patch 3.35

Playing through the game and fighting off enemies will allow the gamers to move one level higher as well as to acquire better weapons and gear from treasure chests. However, all you guys should know that those weapons and gears will only be limited to the Deep Dungeon, in other words, they are useless outside.


What’s more, there are 50 floors in the new patch and folks can go as deep into the dungeon as they can. However, folks have to pay attention to the checkpoint on each level, which will cause loss of progress if defeated in a certain level that is not in the checkpoint.

ffxiv patch 3.35

There are also some treasure chests explode and special effects like boosting max HP and MP that will be given for every successful progression to a new floor. Special stone towers can also be found in the content as well as Phoenix downs. The former helps players revive members of the group that have been knocked out in the new Deep Dungeon.


Following Patch 3.2, Patch 3.3 is also a successful update, tens of thousands of players have been crazy about this game, and now folks are looking forward to the Patch 3.35, which must be another highlight. 

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