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In FFXIV Patch 3.3, Folks Can Cap Red Gatherer Scrips Much Faster

Now patch 3.3 has been online for a week, which regains popularity among new and loyal folks. Especially Housing, you should know that new plots make a large number of folks purchase much ffxiv gil from Mmogah (the best ffxiv gil seller) to be well prepared, really hot! Of course, new update also improves other aspects, folks really enjoy them. Here I want to tell you about capping red gatherer scrips much faster than before (summarized from a thread shared by a warm-hearted player).

capping red gatherer scrips much faster than before in patch 3.3

“There are many folks in game who may not know, but there is a change with red gatherer scrips, specifically the ones you can obtain from regular unlimited nodes (not unspoiled/legendary). As of now the items ‘Eventide Jade’ and ‘Periwinkle’ now appear in every single Level 60 node instead of just one node per set, and their scrip yield was increased to 10. What does this mean? In every set of 6 nodes there’s always 1 node with +1 gathering attempt, you can now gather the red scrip item on this node for a free extra yield, additionally some nodes can randomly show a +2 gathering attempt bonus. This means you can gather 30 to 40 red gatherer scrips every 3.x minutes (with cordial) without waiting for unspoiled node spawns. Since it only requires 450 collectability you can use the blue scrip rotation on it (DE Meth + DE Meth + SM Meth) Mix this with your regular ada/chysahl and legendary collectable and you should be done for the week in less than an hour.”

capping red gatherer scrips much faster than before in ffxiv patch 3.3

In addition, some folks are searching a fast way to gather blue scrips.

Mistletoe@10>cordial>morel@12>instant cordial>okzundu fast for 2 gather on red Quartz in same window>cordial>cuprite is the bet blue scrip method


Some folks are also asking for help with Morels, Cuprite and the third mining/botany node

For Mining/Botany, you do Mistletoe, Morels, Cuprite. They’re spaced enough that you can do all three without a cordial on every rotation, if you’re prompt on the first node.


If that’s too slow, or you just hate waiting for timers, and you have Fishing at 60, get some Brute Leeches, wait for Clear/Fair in Hinterlands, and depopulate the Thaliak River for Illuminati Perch. Medium tug, Powerful Hookset.


If you have all three, you can do my favorite “I never leave this zone” run. Hit Morels, hit Cuprite, camp the river until it’s time for Morels again. This is by far the most scrip/hour you’re ever going to get, because you’re gathering literally all day long with minimal travel. Use Cordials only while fishing, so that you can have Patience up as much as possible. Never use Patience II, you’re wasting GP to catch more Hinterlands Perch, which you didn’t want in the first place.


Some folks ask that if they never bothered to get the folklore books, is it worth it to get those first before spending on other things? With that in mind, what are people spending their scrips on now anyway?


You need to make sure you have enough gear for the folklore nodes, first. For 1, it’s 600/645. For 2, it’s 720/740 gathering/perception. You can do this in melded white gear with scrip MH and crafted OH, or you can just buy more of the scrip 180 gear with blue.


Once you have the gear, it is absolutely worth it to get the folklore books for mining/botany. You can pretty much skip fishing entirely. There’s some extra red scrip options, but most of them are even worst to catch than eels. There's one fish for cooking, but that recipe is outclassed by newer recipes for people that need the absolute best, and Pipira is still plenty good enough for people that don’t.


Above all, the contents on the top are the improvements of ffxiv patch 3.3, folks speak highly of it, and they really enjoy the new patch. Therefore they actively level up in order to play more high level and new contents, many of them have no time to grind again and again, and then they usually ask a ffxiv power leveling site for help. Now, there are all kinds of MMORPGs, but few of them can be loved by folks for many years, luckily FFXIV is popular among folks all the time, which is worthwhile for you guys to play.

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