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How to Transmute Your Useless Materias to Other Useful Materias in FFXIV: ARR

John Ryan September 12th, 2014 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   


We all know that farming materia is boring and will take a long time to get the spiritbond to 100%. After a long time farming, if you convert it to a wind materia or fire materia, do you feel disappoint? And how do you deal with those useless materias? Sell them to vendors, or just let them lay in your bank? Now the game lets us to transmute junk materias to other materias to make FFXIV Gil or save your FFXIV GIL

FFXIV Gil,FFXIV Meteria,Meteria transmute,Mmogah.com


First, find the materia NPC, teleport to Black Brush Station. Then go to the Bonfire which can be found in the north of the Black Brush Station.  

There is a NPC named Mutamix Bubblypots. You speak to him, select the first option, transmute material.

FFXIV Gil,FFXIV Meteria,Meteria transmute,Mmogah.com

Put on five useless materias on, then it will transmute to one random materia for you. Just not sure what materia will be transmuted to, so make sure just transmute the useless and worthless materias. Follow the steps, you can get a new material. Try and see what materia you can get.

FFXIV Gil,FFXIV Meteria,Meteria transmute,Mmogah.com

You can remove the materias which were already meld on your gear here as well by selecting the third option.

Through this way, you can save your ffxiv gil or make ffxiv gil. There are lots of funny things in the game, let' s find them out and enjoy the game together!

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