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How to Level Up from 90 to 100 in FFXIV Dawntrail

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Embarking on the journey from level 90 to 100 in Final Fantasy XIV's Dawntrail expansion is an adventure filled with challenges and rewards. This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and tactics needed to efficiently ascend to the coveted level 100, unlocking the full potential of your character and paving the way for legendary exploits. Alternatively, if you want this to be fast, you can buy FF14 power leveling from MmoGah, which is swift and secure!


 How to Level Up from 90 to 100 in FFXIV Dawntrail



When it comes to your first job in Dawntrail, you should primarily go for the MSQ. But it's important to note that the Dawntrail MSQ should provide enough experience to take you from level 90 to 100 with a single job, so it's crucial to choose the job you want to level wisely.


Aether Currents

One thing you should do is hunt down Aether Currents along the map. Aether Currents are essential for unlocking the ability to fly in each of the expansion's zones, which can greatly facilitate your leveling process. While Aether Currents themselves do not grant experience points directly, they enable faster travel, allowing you to complete quests and explore new areas more efficiently, which in turn helps you gain EXP faster.


Each zone contains 10 Aether Currents that can be found on the map, with another five tied to quests. Among them, four quests are marked with blue markers and a plus symbol, which unlock as you progress through the story, with the last unlocking via main story completion in the zone.


You can add the Aether Compass to your hotbar via the Duty >Collections menu for an easier time checking if you’re close to the Aether Currents. Some Aether Currents will only become available as the story progresses, so keep advancing through the MSQ to access them.


Wondrous Tails books

Although we don't have access to raids, there are many options available now, like Wondrous Tails books. Wondrous Tails is a unique weekly activity that can significantly aid in leveling up, which grants half level for completion trading. The higher level you are, the more XP it will provide, as it scales with level.


First, visit Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire to receive a journal containing sixteen objectives. As you complete the objectives, you'll receive up to 9 seals that can be added to your journal. Then, return the journal to Khloe Aliapoh for your rewards once you've collected nine seals.


The objectives in the journal are semi-randomized, and no two players will have all the same objectives. Completing these objectives can earn you EXP, which can help you level up to 100 in Dawntrail. Remember, a new journal is available every week, so make sure to complete it regularly to maximize your benefits.


Challenge Log

You can also start your first level with the Challenge Log, as, for example, you can easily complete five FATEs for a 1.6 million bonus EXP. You can unlock it by completing the level 15 quest "Rising to the Challenge" in Limsa Lominsa. The Challenge Log offers a variety of weekly challenges across different categories such as dungeons, PvP, and FATEs. Completing these challenges grants you EXP based on the level of your current class or job.


Beast Tribe Quests

Another fast push is Beast Tribe Quests of Endwalker. These provide around 3.3 million EXP in 5 minutes, which is very fast, but they are limited to 3 per day. Don't go for Shadowbringers Beast Tribes because these are falling short compared to FATEs.



FATEs (Full Active Time Events) are spontaneous events that appear throughout the game world. Engaging in these events can provide a good amount of EXP. About 16 bonus FATEs will give you the full first level to 91, which already shows how awesome FATEs have become. When you still have the challenge log entry for five random FATEs open, do that first; then, you can also check out which of the zones might have a bonus FATE active. Here are the three ways to do this.


1. In-Game Map: Open the in-game map and look for zones with an icon indicating a bonus FATE is active. This icon is usually a star or an exclamation mark.

2. FATE Tracker: Use the FATE tracker feature in the game, which lists all the current FATEs happening in each zone, including any with bonuses.

3. Hunt Board: Check the Hunt Board in major cities, which sometimes lists bonus FATEs along with Hunt targets.


Besides, to maximize your leveling efficiency, it's recommended to participate in FATEs while you're queuing for dungeons or when you're in between other tasks. This way, you can continuously gain EXP and make steady progress toward reaching level 100.


You can do FATEs and raids in Bozja or Zadnor once you’ve unlocked them. Bozja is more recommended, though. But this only makes sense if you really want your Shadowbringers Relic weapon and armor. Except for your 90-91 leveling process, EXP in there don't scale, so the higher you get, the smaller the rewarded EXP becomes. Only for true relic hunters or those who enjoy the atmosphere of big-scale open map events or being inside of war zone territories, they can be a good option.


Leveling Bonus

  • If you have unlocked your first dungeon already, here are your bonus EXP methods.
  • You can use the Squadron Battle Manual, which you will receive through sending your squad on Squadron Mission successfully.
  • Besides, someone in your free company who has permission to do so can use the buff “The Heat of Battle II” as a company skill, increasing the number of experience points received by 10%.
  • Get yourself some solid buff food, not only for the 3% XP bonus but also for the stat buff. These might provide a nice little boost to your power level, and you mostly get them very cheap.

Above are the ways that help you level up to 100. Most of the content comes from Desperius’s YouTube video. If you like this guide, subscribe to his channel.

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