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How to Get WOW Gold in Patch 6.2 after Token Has Released

Wow Patch 6.2 is added lots of new elements, which  players look forward to for a long time. But maybe players are more concerned that how to make wow gold in WoW patch 6.2.


A number of instances are needed with high quality. With sufficient quantity, many players play a lot of times and they can easily make tons of wow gold on it. For instance, Highmaul and Blackrock Foundary of Warlords of Draenor are the most important team instances.

 wow patch 6.2

With more instances released, of course, the difficulty will be higher, so World of Warcraft old players can get back to the feeling of heroic those days. Beside this, you can get wow gold in exchange with your extra wow token. We faithfully consider the value of wow Token to World of Warcraft, especially for players who enjoy the game and want get more gears. WOW token not only can be exchanged into game time but also can be exchanged into gold. Wow Token has very close relationship to wow gold. But wow Token cannot replace wow gold of Mmogah. If you want to know more details of wow token, please see the article at Mmogah which named WoW Players Can Trade Purchased GameTime for In Game Gold.


As Patch 6.2 gets started to test on public test realms, players are looking forward to discussing all of the new features and content coming to World of Warcraft. It introduces seven different weekend events that will run from noon Friday through noon Monday every week. When players timewalk these dungeons, they’ll find that their characters’ powers and gears have been scaled down to a fraction of what they normally are.





wow timewalkingTimewalking will be available to characters who are level 71 and higher for Burning Crusade content, and level 81 and up for Wrath of the Lich King dungeons. It will open up only during certain three-day-long weekend holidays. While Timewalking, your power will be adjusted down to the level of the Heroic dungeon, but you’ll retain all of your skills and talents. BLZ will also be testing additional rewards, such as a level 100 quest that rewards one Seal of Tempered Fate per weekend, so keep an eye on the in-game calendar. A good challenge deserves a good reward, so go along with scaling you down, BLZ is going through most every piece of loot in each Timewalker dungeon and scaling it up. That’s right, when you timewalk through Utgarde Pinnacle, take down King Ymiron, and loot his Red Sword of Courage, it will scale up to an item level appropriate for use at your level. WoW Patch 6.2 Highlights will tell you more details.



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