• How to Get Minions in Final Fantasy XIV
    By John Ryan2015-01-28 00:00:00


    Not all players in FFXIV are obsessive about farming dungeons, there are some who like to spend time collecting items like minions. Minions are cosmetic pets that follow their owners around. After using the minion whistles, players can summon their minions whenever they want by accessing the Minion Guide tab in Character menu. Minions make players have more fun, as they are cute and vivid. How to get minions? There are some tips.


    There are the following ways minions can be collected:

    • Obtained from main or side scenario quests and festival quests.

    • Purchased from in-game traders with ffxiv gil and some also need Trusted Reputation.

    • Purchased from Optional Item Sales in Mog Station.

    • Received as a part of the Veteran Rewards: after some days (30, 60, 90…) of subscription to A Realm Reborn, the players will receive it as a gift.

    • Obtained by gather or craft.

    • Obtained from maps in Treasure Hunts.

    • Random dropped in dungeons or Fate.

    • Awarded for completing the Hunting Log.

    • Special for PS4.

    Here are the ways to get some popular minions as examples.

    • Cactuar Cutting

    ffxiv gil

    It is awarded for completing the level 47 quest Zombies Are People Too from Hab near Sagolii Desert, Southern Thanalan. It is the one that is obtained from side story quest, every player could get it.


    • Baby Opo-opo

    ffxiv gil, mmogah

    Baby Opo-opo is random dropped after completing Brayflox’s Longstop (Hard) dungeons. Opo-opo is very popular among players, because it is so cute.


    • Magic Broom


    Magic Broom is crafted by level 50 Carpenter with 1 Glazenut, 1 Broombush, 1 Rosewood Branch, 1Ancient Lumber and 99 Wind Shards.


    • Bluebird

    mmogah, ffxiv gil

    Bluebird can be acquired in Treasure Hunts.


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