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  • How to Get Coil of Bahamut Gear Easily in FFXIV
    By John Ryan2013-12-09 00:00:00 is pleased to announce that we are able to help you get Coil of Bahamut armor easily. Many customers have asked us if we would play CoB to get Gear for them, but we didn't accept any for a long while , since we had to play plenty of other FFXIV Power Leveling orders and focus on practicing play-skill on CoB for all classes. For now we have grasped all strategies on CoB for any class through large numbers of runs in the past two months , so then we are able to help you get CoB armor easily currently. The following details are what we need and what we will do for you.

    Q:  What class can you play?
    A:  We can play any class.

    Q:  Do you have gear requirement?
    A:  Yes, we have. Relic weapon and Darklight gears are needed.

    Q:  Will you play one class to get gear for my other classes?
    A:  No, we will play the class which needs armor.

    Q:  Will you run through all CoB from 1-5?
    A:  No, wont run CoB 5 for the moment.

    Q:  How long will it take to get one equipment?
    A:  1-30 days range. Can’t make sure the exact time.

    Q:  If you get two equipments in 1 run, do I need to pay extra?
    A:  No, you don’t need to pay extra.

    As you know, Coil of Bahamut is the end-game currently in FFXIV ARR. For most of FFXIV adventurers it is the most extremely fun to run through CoB and get gear there by yourself. If you don’t need this service, we would offer you the other services FFXIV GIL  and FFXIV Powerleveling which are boring job for you.


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