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  • How to Fast Level up FFXIV Secondary Class
    By John Ryan2016-05-10 00:00:00

    As we know, FFXIV (ranks No.3 of the top 10 MMORPGs in the game virtual currency market 2016) has a secondary class which is totally different from any other MMOs. Now, there are 13 jobs, each job has each secondary class (Warrior-Gladiator, Paladin-Conjurer, Monk-Lancer, Dragon-Marauder, Bard-Pugilist, White Mage-Arcanist, Black Mage-Archer, Summoner-Thaumaturge, Scholar-Conjurer, Ninja-Pugilist, Dark Knight-Gladiator, Astrologian-Conjurer, Machinist-Archer).

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    Players can unlock jobs by leveling the respective primary class to level 30 and secondary class to level 15, as well as completing the primary class quest at 30. So, all folks have to put emphasis on the secondary class. Some guys choose to level up them by asking professional power leveling for help, some guys choose search key guides in relevant forums or google, and then level up them with using ffxiv gil to buy some necessary materials. Now, Mmogah will summarize the tips of boosting secondary class provided by some experienced players.


    1. Do Duty Roulette every day. That will be a huge exp boost, and will get you about one level per day (half for the roulette, half from the dungeon itself). For 30 minutes per day, you can finish by the end of the month.


    2. Make sure to do your challenges. There are bonuses for doing different dungeons, so do that. One player he said: “The other day I did my roulette and went from (just barely) 39 to 40, and then I queued again and went from 40 to 41.” Two levels in about an hour plus queue time (another 20 minutes).


    3. Do your guildhests. They’ll give you an xp bonus the first time you do it on that class, and there are more challenges for guildhests so make sure you’re accomplishing those.


    4. Do leves. Levequests are also a very efficient way of leveling. Big rewards if you set the difficulty higher, you’re using the bonus/rest xp by killing monsters, and they usually are all assigned in the same area of the map. It takes you 5-8 minutes to do 4 of them at +2 difficulty and usually get 1/2 a level each time (or so).


    5. Eventually you’ll get to 44 and then you can just run the first room of DD over and over again and get to level 50 in a day.


    6. Don’t forget the 3% exp buff from eating food and the 10% exp buff from having the FC buff on.


    Above all, Duty Roulettes > Highest lvl Dungeon spam > FATEs > Levequests > Grinding mobs all these can efficiently to boost your secondary fast, you guys can have a try!