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How to Choose a Reliable FFXIV Gil Seller without Getting Banned

How to choose a reliable FFXIV Gil seller to avoid accounts getting banned is a common issue before players buying gil. Even some players are afraid of buying FF14 Gil because the risk of being banned. As a legit, trustworthy and professional FFXIV Gil seller, Mmogah has the same concern as all gil buyers. Here Mmogah will tell you how to choose a reliable FFXIV Gil seller without getting banned.

How to Choose a Reliable FFXIV Gil Seller without Getting Banned

Why so many players choose to buy FFXIV Gil? It is easy to understand. When gil is needed, some players don’t have enough time to farm again and again because they have to work or study during daytime. Buying gil could help them to play smoothly. They could spend more time playing with their friends. But if buying gil causes accounts banned, everything will be broke. In such a case, there are 3 things that you should pay attention to.

Firstly, the trade method is a serious question you should consider. The most important trade method at all reliable sites is face-to–face in-game. This is a safe and fast method. Generally, sellers ask players to give an item while trading. In this case, this delivery looks normal as other players’. Of course, some more professional sites have other methods as following.

  • Through the Market Board: Note that with this method you will get 5% less due to MB taxes.

  • Deposit FFXIV Gil to FC chest.

  • Skip the Gil, get the item you want.

By the way, Mmogah have these 4 methods to deliver as above. You could choose any one you like at Mmogah.

Then customer service is an important thing as well. It could help you to find out a gil seller good or bad directly. If you had a bad experience at some sites, you might meet the situation that the customer service rep couldn’t understand what you say about game, especially while you bought FFXIV Power Leveling. A smooth conversation with customer service rep could give wonderful experience to buyers. If they could understand what you care, they could try their best to solve your questions easily.

At last, you need not only to listen what FFXIV Gil sellers say, but also what other buyers say. Checking reputation among gil buyers could help you to get more about a site such as Trustpilot. For example, you can click here to get customers’ reviews about Mmogah.

A trustworthy FFXIV Gil seller could be useful tool to FFXIV players. It makes buying gil safe and fast. As a professional FFXIV Gil seller who has more than 5 years in selling gil, Mmogah is glad to share the experience how to choose a reliable gil seller. If you like, we are glad to be your friends in or out of game.

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