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How It Will Affect FFXIV Gil Price That So Many Accounts Have Being Banned by SE before Patch 2.5

John Ryan Date: January 09th, 2015 Views: 11781 ffxiv gil patch 2.5 buy ffxiv gil mmogah


As every FFXIV player knows, patch 2.5"Before the Fall" is upcoming, speculation is from the mid to end of Jan. It is very near, at the same time, large quantities of FF14 accounts have been banned for RMT activities. This is the information from the official.

Time Period: Dec. 11, 2014 to Jan. 7, 2015
- Accounts receiving disciplinary action for RMT advertising: 2,512
- Accounts receiving disciplinary action for RMT/
illicit activity: 4,450
- Action Details: Permanent ban from FINAL FANTASY XIV

Total 6962 RMT accounts got banned. This number is the biggest among the recent months. It means a large number of FFXIV GIL sellers’ accounts got banned. So what kind of influence it will have on FF14 gil price?

After the accounts got banned, farmers have to buy accounts again. They need money to support their development, so they wouldn’t still sell their left ffxiv gil as cheap as before. And they will need a period of time to level their new accounts’ class & job and skill again to restore production. Even more, for some of the farmers, they may quit the game due to the loss or less profit. The ban event has resulted that ffxiv gil amount got reduced suddenly, the decrease will result in ffxiv gil prices rising. What’s more, the ban doesn’t stop, more accounts for RMT got banned after Jan 7. It is still going on, the situation is getting worse and worse.

For mmogah, we also have some accounts been banned recently, some players may feel curious about how SE banned an account. There are 2 e-mails from the official, the first one is banned for real money trading, the other is banned for farming. Here are the screenshots that you can see in the following.


ffxiv gil

On the other hand, you may feel interested in the jail, this is an example. Usually if a characer is sent to jail by GM, it will get 3 results:

  • The account will get free after a moment.

  • The account may get a 72h temporarily suspended.

  • The account  may get banned permanently.

The character is just sent to jail

P.S:customers who have bought or will buy ffxiv gil at mmogah needn’t feel worry about their own accounts. There is no sample which bought FFXIV GIL at mmogah banned by SE. Because our accounts got banned for RMT activities, don’t worry about your account’s safety, we must try our best to protect our customers with 4 secure delivery methods.

Patch 2.5"Before the Fall" with new dungeons, new recipes and new client will bring a new challenge for each player. FFXIV GIL will be largely needed.

As a whole, according to Mmogah 5 years’ experience in selling ff14 gil, once a big new patch came out, ffxiv gil would rise in price, especially after so many accounts for RMT having been banned. Mmogah is the biggest ffxiv gil seller with the largest stock, we recommend all of the players to take the best chance to buy cheap FF14 GIL for now and mmogah is providing HQ ffxiv gil sustainedly.


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