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Guide for New Players in Final Fantasy XIV before Heavensward

For some new players who don’t play Final Fantasy XIV for long they may have many questions. Especially Heavensward is coming on June 23rd, most of the players make preparations in various aspects. If you don’t have ideas about what to do for the coming Heavensward, here Mmogah is glad to give you some suggestions.

Guide for New Players in Final Fantasy XIV before Heavensward

l  Complete all of the Main Scenario Quests.

It is the most important thing that you should do first. The new Ver.3.0 Heavensward will bring Level 60, it means there will be new main scenario quests. If you don’t finish the main scenario quests now, there will be more to do. Before Heavensward, you have enough time to do the quests, because there isn’t any large update recently. Catch the chance, you will have more time to enjoy the coming Heavensward.

l  Collect some finest gear.

You may have this doubt, Level 60 is coming with new gear, is the gear in Level 50 useful? Of course, we can get gear during we doing quests in Heavensward. But if you have suitable gear now, you can do quests in Heavensward easily. And according to the information from SE, if you have the best gear in Ver.2.0, it will be better than the one you get from the quests in Heavensward. So if you have enough time, Mmogah suggests you to farm in dungeons. The better gear you get, the faster you will upgrade in Heavensward.

l  Join a Free Company

It sounds no relation to the Heavensward. But Mmogah suggests you that if you want to play more easily in the Heavensward, it is necessary to join a Free Company. If you have a FC, you can get more information and more friends. If you have a team, no matter farming in dungeons or upgrading in Heavensward you will rush faster. What’s more, recently more and more FCs are recruiting, it is a good time to choose one. Of course, if you want to start a FC by yourself, it is a good time now. What you need is enough friends and FFXIV Gil. You can also consider to buy a FC housing in Ishgard in Heavensward.

l  Store enough FFXIV Gil.

As every MMORPG player knows, currency is important, especially after a large update. Heavensward is the largest update since FFXIV Ver.1.0. With new content, FFXIV Gil will be needed in a large number. Not only for the players who like to farm in dungeons but also for the crafting players, FF14 Gil is the most working item. Here is another tip that Mmogah wants to remind you, it is the best time to buy FFXIV Gil now, because the price is low before Heavensward.

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