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  • Free Company Housing and FFXIV GiL
    By John Ryan2013-12-15 00:00:00

    Free Company housing is coming out very soon in the next patch 2.1. Some players are excited about it, and interested in buying one with their FC members with FFXIV GIL. Some players don’t care, but if you have one, you can see how awesome it will be to finally have a place to share with your group and hangout, do group crafting, decorate the place together to make it nice. And in the future patches we will build company airships, raise chocobos…it will be awesome.

    Many players don’t like the prices, because it is too high. But lets assume you are in a FC of 100 active members, and are looking at a plot for 20M FFXIV GIL, so its only 200k each player to donate to the FC. With 50 active members, its 400k each player.

    For those who are interested in buying it, but don’t have the Gil to offer to your FC, we are here to help. Please visit for your needs.

    Learn more about FC Housing and Patch 2.1 to visit:

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