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  • Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.4 Coming October 28th,Cash Shop,Housing,PVP and More
    By John Ryan2014-10-24 00:00:00

    Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.4 will be released on October 28th, announced by Director and Producer Yoshida, in Las Vegas’ Fanfest over the weekend. It is put off 11 days according to the planned date Yoshida said last time. In this patch, vast contents will show in the game on the occasion.

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    Rouge and Ninja: Rouge and Ninja is a combo. The Ninja job will be unlocked by getting rogue class to 30, and pugilist to 15. The class will be based on the dexterity stat, and share gear with strength-based monk. Additionally, ninja can set croos-class skills from lancer and pugilist.

    Cash shop: This is a large change according to others, never heard the news before. Square Enix will sell items for real currency, but they will be just vanity items like mounts and minions, Fantasia potions to change your character’s race, gender and looks. Previous seasonal event tiems will also placed for sale. Yoshida also promised the cash shop will always be vanity only, and that the game will never be “pay to win”.

    Final Coil of Bahamut: There will be four turns, with turns 3 and 4's bosses being major spoilers of course, and item drops that will upgrade gear. The Second Coil will be added to Duty Finder, but the devs will wait and see how players progress before implementing any Echo buff. They would like to make the Stoned Curse effect from Turn 7 less extreme, however, as players currently die instantly if they're attacked while stoned.

    Allagan tomestones of Poetics: Allagan tomestones of Poetics will be added, and Allagan Tomestones of philosophy will be removed.

    Housing: The housing wards will double in size, increasing from 30 to 60 plots each. Remember, in order to purchase land, a character must first have attained level 50 in at least one class and also have earned the rank of second lieutenant on one of the Grand Companies. Each character meeting these requirements can purchase a single unowned plot via the placards found within the residential districts.

    Graphical adjustments and PVP extra slot: In order to accommodate features scheduled for implementation in the upcoming 2.4 patch, the gollowing locations have received graphical adjustments: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks and Eastern La Noscea. Additional balance adjustments are planned for PVP after observing the impact of the impact of the rogue and ninjia adddtions in patch 2.4. In anticipation of new features planned for patch 2.4, and extra slot has been added to soul crystal section of the Armoury Chest.

    Drop rate: In the patch, the drop rate of the Atma crystals will be more than doubled, and it will have an increase on the horse mounts from EX primals, as well as the mirrors from Leviathan EX.

    Eternal bond and Gold saucer: Further in the future, the Eternal bond system will be implemented in patch 2.45, where players will submit applications on the Lodestone and be given a date and time, after which they can send out invites to friends in-game. The Cold saucer will be introduced with patch 2.5, with mini-games like triple triad, snowboarding and chocobo racing – for which players can breed and raise their own birds.

    Patch 2.4 notes will be available within a week. Expect the details in a few days, stay tuned to for more information.

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