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Final Fantasy XIV Dungeon Strategy: The Vault

The Vault is a dungeon added in patch 3.0 Heavensward. For some old players, it is not a strange dungeon. But recently, many players enter it again. The reason is that the Vault is a necessary dungeon to get the new relic weapon, the anima weapon. If you are a new FFXIV player and don’t enter the Vault before, this guide is very useful for upgrading and anima weapon.

Final Fantasy XIV Dungeon Strategy: The Vault

To unlock the Vault, players need to reach Level 57 or above, and start the Level 57 Main Scenario Quest A Knight’s Calling. Players can start the quest by talking to Hilda in Foundation (x12, y11). What’s more, players also need to complete the level 57 Main Scenario Quest Fire and Blood. Then we should enter the Vault together.

Here is a video that shows the all bosses in the Vault. After you watch it, Mmogah will explain all bosses in detail for you.


Ser Adelphel Brightblade

Ser Adelphel uses a few moves. To begin with, he will have 3 adds with him, all of whom have extremely low health. When you've killed the others and gotten Adelphel around 30%, he will change forms, knocking everyone back and beginning the true encounter.

  1. When he casts Holy Shield Bash, he will target one player, jump to them, and perform a stun and hit combination.

  2. When he casts Holiest of Holy, he will deal moderate damage to every player in the room.

  3. At intervals, Adelphel will charge around the room, dealing damage and leaving behind orbs of light. These will deal damage to players upon exploding. When he is done charging, he will target one player and come crashing back down to them.

Ser Grinnaux The Bull

Like Ser Adelphel, Grinnaux first has a trivial health pool and will at one point change forms, knock everyone back, and unleash his full potential.

  1. Grinnaux has multiple ground pattern AOEs to watch out for.

  2. At regular intervals throughout the fight, Grinnaux will put down a Hyperdimensional Slash attack that lays out a red AOE before him in the direction of a random player. When this goes off, it will deal damage to anyone in its wake and leave an Aetherial Tear where it hits the wall of the room. This attack is always repeated twice in a row. Best strategy is to bait the Tears to the same general part of the wall so they aren't spread around; they will tether to and damage any player that gets too close to them. This is exacerbated by....

  3. After using his Slash attack to put out two Aetherial Tears, Grinnaux will use Faith Unmoving, a room-wide attack with a cast bar. This attack will push all players directly backward from Grinnaux. Make sure your back isn't to one of the Aetherial Tears; this is why it's beneficial to keep them all close together, so you have a safe place to get pushed back to.

  4. Grinnaux will also put out a Dimensional Rift circle AOE that will damage players.

Ser Charibert

Ser Charibert does not have a phase switch like the other two; he starts out at full power.

  1. Charibert will do room-wide damage with Altar Pyre.

  2.  Charibert will use a Holy Chain to chain two players together. Simply run away from each other to break this chain; otherwise you will take recurring damage.

  3. Charibert will cast Heavensflame and put out flame rings on the ground.

  4. At regular intervals, he'll summon a broken row of "knights." Like the mummies in The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard), these will march across the room from wherever they spawn (they always spawn on the same side, though). Avoid being run over by these knights, as they will put Slow on you.

  5. At half health, Charibert will disappear for a moment. When he reappears, he will have a Dawn Knight and Dusk Knight with him, and summon several Holy Flames around the outside of the room. The Knights can safely be ignored; just make sure not to stand in their AOE attacks. Kill the Holy Flames quickly. After a short while, Charibert will cast a room-wide attack which deals more damage if any Holy Flames are left. After that, the normal rotation resumes, but now there will be two rows of knights and two sets of flame rings from Heavensflame.

As rewarding, you could get item level 142 gear and weapons after downing these bosses. No matter you upgrade by yourself or choose FFXIV Power Leveling, you’d better enter the Vault by yourself at least for once. It is an interesting dungeon. Furthermore, almost all of the FF14 players would like to get anima weapons, they are not only weapons but also a kind of faith. If you want to know more about how to get the anima weapons, just click the link.

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