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  • FFXIV White Mage Inspired Dance
    By Nightmare2021-03-29 00:00:00

    Are you distressed or tired? Come and check this out. You will be thrilled, especially if you play White Mage in Final Fantasy XIV. Cosplay Dancer has made this video, who I believe is an excellent dancer and player. I never thought of a person to do in-game job dance. How fantastic!!


    The song, the moves, the attitude, the elegance are all perfect!

    The song he used is "What Angel Wakes me" from "The Dancing Plague" Boss "Titania."



    I have watched all his dancing videos, although there are not many yet. I hope to see more in the future, especially for Final Fantasy XIV job dances. I love this one the most, and I have watched it many times, so delightful.


    He has made an excellent choice by adding all the spell pictures, sounds, HP bars, and chat bars in the video, which he did not in the former Dancer class dance video.


    There is an amusing add-up in the dance with how Cure II got interrupted when the Dragoon dies, and what the Dragoon said in the chat bar in the bottom left corner, they are a masterpiece. DUTY COMPLETE and No player commendations are a great ending of the video. Oh, and the lily smelling!! Love it!


    He must have put a lot of effort into it by learning the White Mage spell moves and smoothly putting them together in a dance. I am a White Mage player, but I have never noticed character moves during fights, and after watching this, I did pay attention to the spell moves, and yea, it is like that, but his moves in the video are more fun to watch. <3



    Poor grass :D


    You can imagine how hard he practiced by looking at the grass and his first video. It was not like that before, poor grass. The White Mage dance is incredible, and he must have felt so happy by all the supports on Youtube, so it must be worth it. I love what he has done, and I know anyone who plays this game will love it too! I will keep supporting and looking forward to more FFXIV job dances.


    After watching his video, I can see that Final Fantasy XIV is not just a game. There is so much more to it than we know.


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