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  • FFXIV Patch 6.55 The Gilded Araya Trial Guide – How to Unlock It and Defeat Asura
    By Penny2024-01-24 15:55:37

    The Gilded Araya is a new trial that was added in FFXIV patch 6.55, as part of the Hildibrand questline. It is a challenging fight that pits a team of eight players against Asura, a powerful and mysterious being who wields multiple swords and magic. The trial requires an item level of at least 625 and a level 90 job to enter. You can click here to get the FF14 character boost service – right up to level 90! So, without further ado, here is a guide on how to unlock and beat The Gilded Araya trial in FFXIV.


    The Gilded Araya Trial Guide 


    How to Unlock The Gilded Araya Trial

    To unlock The Gilded Araya trial, you need to complete the main Endwalker campaign and all the previous Hildibrand quests from A Realm Reborn to Endwalker. The Hildibrand Quests are a series of humorous and eccentric side stories that feature the adventures of the self-proclaimed gentleman detective Hildibrand and his companions. You can start the first Hildibrand quest, Rise and Fall of Gentlemen, by speaking to Wymond in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald at X:9.8, Y:8.7 with a level 50 or higher job.


    The Gilded Araya trial is part of the final Hildibrand quest, Gentlemen at Heart, which can be started by speaking to Delion in Radz-at-Han at X:11.4, Y:11.5 after completing the previous quest, Of Duplicity and Duplication. You will need to follow the questline and watch some cutscenes until you reach the point where you can access the trial from the Duty Finder.


    How to Beat Asura in The Gilded Araya Trial

    Asura is a formidable foe who has a variety of attacks and mechanics that can quickly overwhelm the party. The key to defeating her is to pay attention to her sword patterns, avoid her AoEs, and coordinate with your party members. Here are some of the main mechanics and tips for the fight:


    Lower Realm – raid-wide hit that does light damage; beware of the edge of the arena, as it’s deadly.


    Asuri Chakra ring AoEs; stand in between the ring AoEs to avoid taking damage.


    Cutting Jewel - AoE Tankbuster; use defensive cooldowns to mitigate this damage.


    Ephemerality - spawns a number of afterimages in the air, which will explode into circular AoEs. Stand at max melee range toward the midpoint of the two

    middle images.


    Iconography - she will summon a giant clone of herself and cast a set of iconography skills before having the clone do the exact same move.


    Pedestal Purge - boss-centered AoE; the clone will do the same AoE with Iconic Execution. Move away to avoid.


    Wheel of Deincarnation - donut AoE; stand near the clone to dodge.


    Bladewise - a line AoE towards a random target; Iconic Execution will fire a large line AoE down the middle of the arena. Move to the left or right of the clone to avoid.


    Six-bladed Khadga – there are six half-circle AoEs in this phase. The order they appear seems to be forward, left, right, and repeat again or forward, right, left, and repeat. Simply stand behind her for the entire mechanic, and beware of the right and left AoEs.


    The Face of Wrath – Asura will split the whole arena into two parts, with one being blue and the other being red. Avoid the face color that appears on the screen. If you get hit, you will be stunned.


    Myriad Aspects - two sets of cone AoEs. Simply stand in the safe spot of the first set of AoEs, then dodge into those AoEs when they go off to avoid the second set.


    Bladescatter - line AoEs in a random direction and then in a circle, which rotates around the whole arena. Simply just dodge into the first AoE from the safe side.


    Iconic Execution 2 - Iconic Execution will first teleport the clone to a random side of the arena. The second Iconic Execution will be the actual AoE going off as the clone bursts with energy. Stand toward the middle of the arena so you can quickly move in the required direction after the teleport is complete.


    Ordered Chaos - half the party will be given ordered chaos AoEs, and they will simply spread out during the cast. Then, you will get LB3, which will finish her off.


    Hope these will be helpful for your boss's conquering adventure in FFXIV. The mechanics and tips come from WeskAlber’s YouTube video. If you want a video reference, check the video below. Subscribe to his channel if you find it helpful. Good luck, and have fun!