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  • FFXIV Patch 6.55: Moogle Treasure Trove Event Guide
    By Penny2024-01-31 17:41:09

    The Moogle Treasure Trove is a special event that returns to FFXIV with no set schedule, offering players a chance to collect Irregular Tomestones and exchange them for various rewards, such as mounts, minions, emotes, items, and cards. The event for patch 6.55 is called The First Hunt for Genesis, and it will run from January 30 to March 11, 2024. Here is a guide on how to participate in the event and get the most out of it.


    How to Participate

    The event features a set of challenges, including Standard Objectives, Weekly Objectives, Minimog Challenges, and Ultimog Challenges, for players to complete in exchange for Irregular Tomestones of Genesis I. You can check the Mogpendium for details about associated objectives.



    How to Collect Irregular Tomestones of Genesis I

    As the currency for the event, Irregular Tomestones of Genesis I can be obtained through:


    Standard Objectives

    Duties associated with this event will be marked with a moogle icon in the Duty Finder. Irregular Tomestones are automatically awarded and added to your inventory upon your completion of the duties.


    Weekly Objectives

    Each player will be assigned one objective per week from the standard objectives. The reward - Irregular Tomestones this time will need to be claimed from the Mogpendium by pressing the Claim Rewards button after you complete the objectives.

    reward claim


    Minimog Challenges

    Minimog Challenges also can be completed once per week. These challenges include completing FATEs, Ocean Fishing, taking part in Hunts, and Treasure Hunting, which is a whole host of different objectives. Like the Weekly Objectives, you need to claim the rewards.


    Ultimog Challenges

    Ultimog Challenges are objectives that can only be completed once per event period. The reward also needs to be claimed.


    Ocean Fishing

    Besides, you can also get Irregular Tomestones by participating in Ocean Fishing, a group activity that involves fishing on a boat with other players. The number of Irregular Tomestones you earn depends on your fishing score. You must score at least 1,200 points while ocean fishing to be awarded Irregular Tomestones. You can join ocean fishing by speaking to the NPC in Limsa Lominsa or Radz-at-Han or by using the Duty Finder.



    Completing Gold Saucer Active Time Events (GATEs) is also a good way. GATEs are mini-games that occur every 20 minutes in the Gold Saucer. You can join GATEs by going to the Gold Saucer and following the announcements.



    You can exchange Irregular Tomestones for various items, like Mameshiba Neckerchief, Titania Barding, Yukinko Snowflake minion, and more. However, the item exchanges will be available until the release of FFXIV Patch 7.1.




    Plan ahead

    Decide which rewards you want to get and how many tomestones you need to get them. Prioritize the rewards that are exclusive to the event, like Mameshiba Neckerchief, as they may not be available again in the future.


    Mix and match

    Try to do a variety of duties and activities that award tomestones rather than sticking to one or a few. This will help you avoid boredom and burnout, as well as increase your chances of getting other rewards, such as Final Fantasy 14 gil, exp, items, and achievements.


    Have fun

    The Moogle Treasure Trove is meant to be a fun and rewarding event that encourages you to explore and enjoy the game. Don't stress too much about getting all the rewards or maximizing your efficiency, but rather focus on having fun and playing with others. You can also use the chat or emotes to communicate and socialize with other players and make new friends or memories along the way.