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  • FFXIV Patch 6.5: All Mounts and How to Get Them
    By Penny2023-10-20 15:56:10

    Final Fantasy XIV is a popular MMORPG that features a variety of mounts that players can collect and ride. Mounts, as creatures or vehicles in the game, can be summoned by the player to travel faster or access certain areas. In the latest patch 6.5, several new mounts were added to the game. Here, we will introduce what they are and how to get them in FFXIV.


    Sabotender De La Luna

    This is a funny-looking mount that doesn’t seem to intimidate your enemies much but can brighten up your travels in Eorzea. People who want this mount will have to work hard or cost FF14 gil to get it.



    To obtain this mount, you have three options:


    1. You can buy it from Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:6.0) for one Gold Khloe Certificate of Commendation, which is a rare reward for completing all nine lines of Wondrous Tails.
    2. You can also buy it from the Faux Commander in Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:6.1) for 600 Faux Leaves, which are earned by completing duties in the Faux Hollows after finishing an Unreal trial.
    3. You can buy it from the Market Board if someone else is selling it, but the price may vary depending on the demand and supply.


    Apocryphal Bahamut

    It is a majestic dragon that resembles Bahamut, the primal of destruction. It can fly and carry the player on a sofa that is attached to its back.



    To obtain this mount, you need to complete the quest "On Wings of Hope", which requires you to own all seven Lynx mounts. The Lynx mounts are rewards from the extreme trials of Endwalker, such as Lynx of Abyssal Grief from The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme). The quest can be started by talking to Singingway in Old Sharlayan (X:11.5, Y:10.3).


    Garlond GL-IIT




    It is a futuristic motorcycle that was designed by Cid Garlond, the leader of the Garlond Ironworks. It can be obtained by purchasing it with 100,000 Seafarer's Cowries, which are a new currency earned by ranking up the Island Sanctuary. The Island Sanctuary is a new feature that allows players to create their own personal island and raise various animals and crops. The mount is believed to be only available once the player reaches Island Rank 20.


    The Garlond GL-IIT is a variant of the popular Garlond GL-II, which is another mount that can be obtained from the Island Sanctuary at rank 10. The difference between the two models is that the GL-IIT has a tiller attached to it, which can be used to cultivate the land. The mount also has a cargo tray that can carry materials and passengers.


    The Garlond GL-IIT is a fun and practical mount that can enhance your experience in the Island Sanctuary. It can also be used in other areas of the game, as it has a high speed and a sleek design.


    Island Adenium

    The Island Adenium is a colorful flower that can fly and carry the player on its petals. It is one of the rewards from the Island Sanctuary.



    To obtain this mount, you need to purchase it with 200 Vegetal Vouchers, which are a new currency earned by ranking up the Island Sanctuary. You can get Vegetal Vouchers by trading 10 Felicitous Tokens to the Horrendous Hoarder NPC on your island. Felicitous Tokens are obtained by completing certain tasks on the island, such as constructing specific items during the season. Alternatively, you can also buy this mount from the Market Board.


    Island Peerifool

    It is a cute bird mount added in patch 6.5.



    The method to obtain this mount is unconfirmed at the time of writing, but it is likely to be related to the Island Sanctuary as well. Perhaps it will be purchasable with the new felicitous token currency, which is earned by completing certain tasks on the island.



    It is a small piglet that wears a flower crown. It can be obtained by participating in the Little Ladies' Day event, which is a seasonal event that celebrates women and girls in Eorzea.



    The Little Ladies' Day event will likely start soon after patch 6.5. The event involves helping a traveling entertainer named Aldemund and his goobbue companion Peatie to put on a show for the crowds. The player will be able to choose from different options to influence the performance and the outcome of the event. Depending on the choices made, the player will receive different rewards, such as emotes, furnishings, and the Peatie mount.


    Crescent Moon

    It is a crescent moon that floats in the air and glows with yellow light. It can fly and carry the player on its surface. The Crescent Moon mount is one of the most impressive and rare mounts in the game. It is a symbol of elegance and beauty for those who love the night sky.



    To obtain this mount, you need to buy it from the Online Store, which is a website where players can buy various cosmetic items and services for real money. The mount is not yet available on the Online Store at the time of writing, but it is expected to be sold soon. The price of the mount is unknown, but it may be similar to other mounts that are sold on the Online Store, such as the Lunar Whale or the Fatter Cat.


    The Crescent Moon mount is modeled after the original incarnation of the moon in Final Fantasy IV. It is a tribute to the mysterious and mystical nature of the lunar world. It recognizes the player's adventurous spirit as its master and lets them ride on a magical journey.


    Lynx of Abyssal Grief

    It is a large, winged feline, which has glowing eyes and sheds motes of light as it flies.



    To obtain this mount, you need to complete the extreme version of The Abyssal Fracture, which is one of the new trials introduced in Endwalker. The trial pits you against Zeromus, the Condemner, a powerful voidsent that seeks to destroy the world. The trial can be unlocked by talking to the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan (X:12.7, Y:14.3) after completing the main scenario quests of patch 6.5.


    The mount is not a guaranteed drop from the trial but rather a rare loot that you need to roll for. The drop rate is estimated to be around 5%, so you may need to run the trial multiple times to get it. Alternatively, you can buy the mount from the Market Board if someone else is selling it.


    The Lynx of Abyssal Grief is one of the seven Lynx mounts that are required to obtain the Apocryphal Bahamut mount.