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FFXIV Patch 3.5-The Far Edge of Fate Is Coming Next Week

All we know that FFXIV Patch 3.5 is coming next week (Jan.17, 2017), MmoGah will show you the updates here, let’s see the details in the following parts:


Main Scenario-Part 1

The threat of the Warriors of Darkness is no more. Unexpected reunions salve the ache of bittersweet farewells. And with their ranks further bolstered by the official induction of Alisaie and Krile, once more do the Scions of the Seventh Dawn set their feet upon fate's path and their gaze upon distant horizons.



Side Story Quests

Further Hildibrand Adventures: Inspector's Log: The future of House Manderville is in peril! Gigi, apple of my eye, beloved son, has run away with the Grand Sers, those elderly scoundrels! Glad though I was to see him regain his lost memories, his sudden revelations led him to pursue a most dangerous path. Overcome with grief for his deceased creator, he now seeks to harness his phenomenal powers that he might return the dead to life! Yet I know full well he will not find solace in the dark arts, and so it falls to me, Zombibrand, devourer of brains, undead overlord extraordinaire-Ahem! Former undead overlord, to return my dear boy to the straight and narrow!


Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate: With every mystery solved it seems another, greater than the last, springs up to take its place. Tensions are running at an all-time high at the scholasticate, as rage and desperation take hold of the student body who are altogether too eager to pin the blame for their misfortune on one unlucky individual, who some might say is just getting what he deserves. While some fight to defend the innocent, others move to take justice into their own hands, and once again you and Inspector Briardien find yourselves in a race against time to uncover the true culprit responsible for the chaos that ensues.


Dun Scaith (Alliance Raid Dungeon)

The ancient tome recovered by Captain Radlia of the Talons tells of a floating refuge─an island created by Mhachi sorcerers to provide safe haven from calamitous floodwaters. With the disaster that befell the Void Ark, however, the island's intended residents never arrived. Cait Sith is convinced that Diabolos has instead claimed this refuge as his own, transforming what was to be a bastion of hope into a voidsent nest of shadowy nightmare. And it is into this fiendish lair that you must delve.


New Dungeons

Baelsar’s Wall: Marking the border between the Black Shroud and Gyr Abania, the legacy of Gaius van Baelsar is a towering monument to imperial tyranny. And now smoke rises from its iron crenellations.



Sohm Al (Hard): The fall of Nidhogg brought an end not only to the Dragonsong War, but also to the hierarchy of power that reigned upon Sohm Al. Bereft of its dreaded leader, the Horde scattered to the four winds, leaving the dragons' sacred grounds untended and unguarded.



New Gear and Mounts (Inspired by Garo)

New PvP gear inspired by the hit Japanese TV show: Garo! Designed by legendary character designer Keita Amemiya, these new mounts and gear are sure to bring a smile to the face of any Garo fan.




Paintings: Is there anything sadder than an empty wall? No, there's not, and Eorzeans need suffer such anguish no longer! Paintings are here to save the day by brightening up housing across the realm.


Aquariums: If you give an Eorzean a fish, they will not eat today, but will choose to instead fill their lonely aquarium. The good news for fish fans is that plenty of new fishes will be made available in the upcoming update!


Additional Updates

Egi Glamours: Summoners can give egi a whole new look with the /egiglamour text command, giving their pets the appearance of Ruby Carbuncle, Emerald Carbuncle, and Topaz Carbuncle. Choose your favorite form, and keep a lookout for more glamours in future updates!



Party Finder Update: The party finder is no longer just for your World. Starting in patch 3.5, players can use the party finder to recruit fellow adventurers from anywhere within the same data center! If you'd rather limit your recruitment to a select few friends, you can also use a party password. Even when it feels like they're a world away, playing with friends has never been easier.



New Minions

Ever dreamt of adventuring with a pint-sized Estinien at your side? Mayhap a droopy-eyed bullpup is more to your liking? Well, the time for dreaming is over, as both of these minions and more will be added to the game in patch 3.5!



New Mounts

Prepare yourself for some new awe-inspiring mounts—a majestic throne which soars through the skies, and the Demonic lanner with its flaming wings of gold are but two of the numerous new ways you will be able to traverse the realm.

What’s more, players that manage to collect the entire lanner series will be able to get their hands on an exclusive Firebird mount! Flying never felt so good.



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