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FFXIV Patch 2.5 “Before the Fall” Is Coming, Golden Saucer, The Keeper of the Lake, The Wanderer’s Palace, Amdapor Keep, DirectX 11


FFXIV Patch 2.5 was revealed in 2014 FF14 Fan Fest, the date for it was not clear, however speculation is late Jan.

Manderville Golden Saucer

You can use ffxiv gil to buy tokens for Golden Saucer, it is untradeable and unsellable. Golden Saucer includes two parts: Triple Triad and Chocobo Racing.

Triple Triad’s rules are the same as FFVIII. There will be 80 cards initially, players could acquire via dueling with NPC, or changing with Gold Saucer points. It is also dropped in the dungeons.

Chocobo Racing uses a different chocobo from the buddy one. It can be leveled up and customized. Feeding it can change stats.


FFXIV mmogah

The last part of the Crystal Tower will implemented, it will bring us to the World of Darkness. It will drop new crafting materials for the new recipes.

New Dungeons:

  • The keeper of the Lake

  • The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)

  • Amdapor Keep (Hard)

P.s. Demon Wall returns back, this time we can’t fall off, but it will be scarier than before.


mmogah FXIV gil

DirectX 11

It will be released separately from 2.5. DirectX 11 will improve reflections, depth, shadows, graphics and so on. It may bring the visual enjoyment to every player.



The massive patch 2.5 “Before the Fall” is excepted by almost all the players in Eorzea, new dungeons, new recipes and new client must bring a new challenge. In 2014 Tokyo Fan Fest, the new version 3.0 had been revealed, we have another article about the new playable race—Au Ra. According to our 4 years’ experience in selling ffxiv gil, the price will mark up after each patch upgrading, it’s a great time to buy ffxiv gil before updating, especially when mmogah merry Christmas celebrating event is under way. Mmogah is the largest FFXIV GIL seller. We have excellent 9.9 score on Trustpilot, we are trustworthy. Our friendly and helpful customer reps will guide you a smooth transaction 24/7.


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