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FFXIV Patch 2.45 Coming December 9th, Dragoon Buffs, Ninja Nerf, Stoneskin Ⅱ, Eternal Bond, Zodiac Weapon and More

John Ryan December 06th, 2014 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   


Patch 2.45 will be released on Dec. 9th that was announced on Final Fantasy XIV official site. According to the Live Letter from Producer XVIII, the content of patch 2.45 will include the 5 main aspects.


Job Balance

  •  Dragoon Buffs. Dragoon’s DPS output and pace will be both increased. Specifically, “Heavy Thrust” buff will no longer need positional to be applied, recast timers and animation locks will be reduced. 

  •  Ninja Nerf. The Ninja’s TP costs and damage output will be adjusted. (Nerf incoming)



Stoneskin Ⅱof White mage will be added for stoneskinning the whole group.


Eternal Bond

Process for getting eternally bonded:

  • Sign up via mogstation

  • Special quest

  • Receive special rings + attire through the quest

  •  Choose a type of ceremony

  •  Reserve venue + send invitations

  • The Ceremony itself

Zodiac Weapon

Next Zodiac weapon will be added. The weapon models will be “reborn” this time. ILv for these will be raised but not sure how much it will be.


Change to Coil of Bahamut

A new system will be bought for Coil of Bahamut where players can help people with final coil of bahamut after they’ve been locked out. For people who don’t want a second chance at loot but rather want to help their FC mates and friends clear.


What do you think about patch 2.45? I am pretty looking forward to it, especially the Eternal Bond. Imaging that I am the beautiful bride of him in a church (should not be a bride in the real life any more T.T), I feel very happy. Before a ceremony of Eternal Bond, gifts can not be missed. You could buy ffxiv gil from to buy the gifts. We would help you fulfill the desire with lighting fast speed. She/He will definitely be happy for it.

FFXIV eternal bond, buy ffxiv gil from

Best wishes to all of you expecting for a ceremony of Eternal Bond!

May love follow forever!

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