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FFXIV Patch 2.38 Notes

John Ryan Date: 2014-09-17 Views: 4300 ffxivffxiv gilfinal fantasy xivsafe ffxiv gilbuy ffxiv gil


From the implementation of individual estates and land along with added residential districts to the continuation of the Zodiac Weapon quest line, an item level boost for Extreme Ramuh rewards, and much more, patch 2.38 is sure to offer something for all adventurers. A host of user interface refinements also promise to make exploring Eorzea more intuitive than ever.


Playable Content



  • New side story quests have been added.


- Saga of the Zodiac Weapons





Once your relic weapon novus has been soulglazed by Jalzahn, complete certain activities with the weapon equipped to increase its soul attunement level. By presenting a fully attuned weapon to Jalzahn, you will be rewarded with a relic weapon nexus of item level 115 that retains all the upgrades made to the original relic weapon novus.


A weapon's soul attunement level will rise by a set amount determined by the activity being performed. This amount, however, may increase each time a certain period of time passes. Thus sharing information with other players will be invaluable in planning the most efficient method of attunement.

Attunement progress can be verified through the use of the Zodiac glass.


One you have completed the quest "Mmmmmm, Soulglazed Relics,"you will be able to alter the materia-enhanced properties of your relic weapon novus or relic weapon nexus. Prepare a new sphere scroll of the correct type to receive the power of your chosen relic weapon, then use materia and alexandrite to redo the infusion process.


* The materia-enhanced properties of a relic weapon nexus will be transferred to a sphere scroll after being adjusted to item level 110 values.


- Delivery Moogle





  • Players now have a chance to obtain alexandrite by completing FATEs while equipped with a relic weapon novus or a relic weapon nexus.


       Grand and Free Companies


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