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FFXIV New Patch 3.4-Soul Surrender Is Coming on September 27

Helen Keller August 29th, 2016 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

The big news was announced during a special fourteen-hour stream celebrating Final Fantasy XIV’s third anniversary of service, I bet all ffxiv fans know this, right? We all know that the next amazing new ffxiv patch 3.4-Soul Surrender will be released on September 27th, 2016. So, are you ready to prepare enough ffxiv gil and fast level up your account? If “No” come to mmogah.com. Ok, let’s cut the cackle and come to the main point.

This update includes the finale for Alexander raid scenario, additional story and side quests, apartments and other housing features, dungeons, a trial, adjustments to PVP and battle skills and much more!


New Main Scenario Quests

Soul Surrender will revolve of around Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur and herald the return of the Warriors of Darkness. There will be different lines of text based on whether or not the player has beaten the Coil of Bahamut, a raid that was introduced back in Patch 2.4: Dreams of Ice.


The Final of Alexander Raid & Sophia, the Goddess Trial

The new raid dungeon Alexander: The Creator, and Alexander: The Creator (Savage) will be released. This will be the finale for Alexander raid scenario. Get ready for an epic battle!


Alongside a new raid, the patch contains a new battle trial against Sophia, the Goddess! Both normal and extreme modes of Containment Bay P1T6 will be added. The development teams tells that they have put a lot effort into the visuals of this new trials and they hope to show you more at Tokyo Game Show 2016!


New Dungeons

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 seems to be turning into a content rich update and naturally the new dungeons-Xelphatol & The Great Gubal Library (Hard). The new dungeon Xelphatol is quite intriguing as it takes place in the northeastern reaches of Eorzea. It may come as no shock that the Ixal seem to dominate the area. We’ll also return to The Great Gubal Library, perhaps at the behest of Matoya.

Side Quest & Anima Weapon (3.45)

Players will return to Ishgard to continue the quests revolving around Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate, embark on further adventures with the Gentleman Hero Hildibrand, and continue the Anima Weapon saga to craft the ultimate combat arm.

Battle System Updates (hurry up and fast level up your account)


Recast Time Reset upon Wipe

When challenging raids and trials, timers will now be reset upon the party being wiped out. However, if we find instances of this being abused in any way to take advantage of a battle, then we may disable this feature.


Auto-attack System Changes

Currently when playing as a melee DPS, auto-attacks are executed while standing within 3m and facing within 90 degrees of your target. Since it’s easy for gaps to develop in DPS values because of this, we will be changing the way this functions so that auto-attack are executed for the range requirement only. The angle requirement will be removed and you will be able to execute auto-attacks regardless of where you’re facing.


Changes to Face Targeting System

The face target feature will become inaccessible while moving. This is in order to remove difference between different platforms. For casters, if the enemy moves your character will face the direction of the target’s current position. However, in situations where you need to face away from the target, players will not be able to simply turn around due to the auto-attack changes, therefore, you would either need to sheathe your weapon, or cancel targeting.


Certain Trials will be added to the Raid Finder

The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign will be added to the raid finder.


Addition of a Countdown Feature

There are players who use macros to count down before fights, but we are introducing an actual feature for this. You’ll be able to set it up to a maximum of 30 seconds and below 5 seconds each second thereafter will be shown. To make sure this does not interrupt anything for those using macros, it will not be shown in the chat log.



Gold Saucer Updates

A special room for each data center will be used for Triple Triad – you’ll be able to move there from the Duty Finder.


Lord of Verminion will now be supported by the Duty Finder.


You’ll now be able to purchase three Jumbo Cactpot tickets a week.


Housing Updates (this must cost you guys a lot, right?)


Introduced in the past, this apartment-style housing will cost 500,000 gil for a room.


There will also be a shared space in the apartment building. While there will be no garden, there is a chocobo stable.



This took a while to implement as it is difficult to implement transparent objects in an MMO. There are different sized aquariums. The larger the aquarium, the more fish you will have. We’re planning to increase the types of fish that can be put inside them.



We’ll be adding a playlist feature to the Orchestrion.


New Furnishings

There will be wall hanging cabinets and Calca and Brina dolls.


Exploratory Missions

The official will be changing the matching requirements and changing the exchange rate for spoils. For those of you who currently possess spoils, please exchange them before Patch 3.4. Additionally, SE will be adding item level 235 equipment.

Additional updates


A new Allagan tomestone will be added.


This time, they are introducing weapons that can undergo advanced materia melding.


Aside from this, they’re adding a role-play status icon, and players will be able to use a hyphen in their character names.


Double Cross Hotbar Feature

A new feature that will be added in Patch 3.4 is the Double Cross Hotbar. For players who use a controller to play, the system is designed to allow further access to additional ability slots. They can be activated in the settings menu and accessed by double-tapping the trigger buttons on the controller. More details of Patch 3.4 will be announced on Tokyo Game Show 2016, pay your attention!


Note: Tokyo Game Show 2016 will run from Thursday, September 15 until at Sunday, September 18 at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, organizer Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association announced today.

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