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FFXIV Heavensward Trail Strategy: Alexander- The Fist of the Father

Just like Bahamut in FFXIV Ver.2.0, Alexander is an important dungeon is Heavensward. Alexander: Gordias is the first section of Alexander, the main 8-player raid. It requires players with item level of 170 or higher to enter. It is a good place to upgrade your item level. Here Mmogah shares the strategy of the Floor 1- The Fist of the Father with you.

FFXIV Heavensward Trail Strategy: Alexander- The Fist of the Father

First of all, we must unlock Alexander: Gordias. It requires players to complete the level 60 quest Disarmed by talking to Slowfix in Idyllshire (x7, y6). Players are required to complete the Main Scenario Quest Heavensward (Quest) as well.

There are 4 floors in Alexander: Gordias. To unlock each floor after the first, it is necessary to continue the quest line and complete the previous floor. Each floor is listed separately similar to the turns in Coils of Bahamut.

Alexander - The Fist of the Father or A1 is the first floor of Alexander: Gordias. It requires the players to have an average item level (iLvl) of 170 or above to enter. The strategy of each phase is as following.


All DPS should focus Faust down and ignore the adds. The off tank should pick up all the adds as they spawn and keep them away from the raid as they cleave.


You should tank Oppressor in the south side of the room for a later mechanic. This fight is split into 2 phases.

l  Phase 1


Gunnery Pod: Unavoidable AoE, heal through.

Photon Spaser: Large Linear AoE, avoid.

Hydrothermal Missile: Puts Prey on a random party member and bombards them with several missiles, healers need to heal the player through this.

Resin Bomb: Places circular AoE underneath 4 party members.

Emergency Deployment: Spawns 2 Alarum adds on the side of the boss. Upon death, leaves a puddle of AoE that causes Minimise.


Tank the boss in the South side of the room and avoid any AoE as necessary. The player with Prey for Hydrothermal Missile should distance themselves from other players to avoid unnecessary damage to others. When the Alarum adds spawn, they will tether and follow the first player that hits them, this should be a DPS and not a tank. Kite them away from the boss and kill them both ASAP. They will damage the player and add stacks of Nanoparticles which gaining too many stacks will result in death. When an Alarum is killed, it will leave a small purple AoE that will mini anyone who stands in it.

Do as much damage as you can to the Oppressor during this phase to make the next phase easier.

l  Phase 2

This phase starts after 90 seconds (shortly after the first Emergency Deployment). An alarm will sound and a second boss "Oppressor 0.5" will spawn with the same HP as the original Oppressor. The offtank aggro the new Oppressor ASAP and keep it to the north side of the room, as the 2 bosses being close to each other will quickly gain stacks of Damage Up.


3000-Onze Missile: Not cast, 2 blue lasers will show up in the room and will shortly turn orange. A giant missile will come down dealing massive damage to the raid and debuffing. Kill Alarum under the lasers to reduce damage to the raid (the puddle will shrink the missile).

Quick Landing: Pulsing AoE damage, the further you are the less damage you take.

Self Destruct: Hard enrage or used when one Oppressor is dead, wipes the raid if fully casted.


All mechanics from the first phase are still in this phase, the biggest change is with the Alarum adds that spawn. 2 Oppressors, you will have 4 Alarum adds, you need to kill these adds underneath the orange beam for the nukes. Remember they tether onto the first player that damages them. Creating a purple puddle under the beam will make the missile mini and deal very little damage and will not cause the raid to be debuffed.

After every missile, the Oppressors will shortly jump into the air and 2 pulsing AoEs will show, this is Quick Landing, just get to the other side of the room to take less damage. Since they land next to each other, the tanks will then need to quickly pull them apart again.

Repeat this until the Oppressors are dead.

You need to kill the Oppressors at the same time, when one dies the other will cast Self Destruct which gives you about 10 seconds to kill it or you will wipe. You can get them both down to about 10% and either ranged LB them or kill one then melee LB the other. Notice both Oppressors may cast Self Destruct, this is a hard enrage.

Here is a video, you can see the phases more directly.

As rewards, you can obtain not only iLvl 190 equipment but also 20 Allagan Tomestone of Law and 2 Tokens.

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