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FFXIV GIL Generated and Spending of GIL Before and After Patch 2.3 in FFXIV: ARR

John Ryan Date: 2014-08-18 Views: 4016 ffxivfinal fantasy xivffxiv gilsafe ffxiv gilbuy ffxiv gil

Aug. 17 2014   ET  By:

FFXIV GIL is the game currency in the game Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Realm. FFXIV Gil Generated and Spending of Gil are different before and after patch 2.3.


This first slide is of "Gil Generated from In-Game Systems." The large yellow portion of the pie chart is drops from enemies which are a bit of ff14 gil drops per enemy in dungeons, but prior to the patch this made up roughly 2/3 of overall FFXIV GIL. This is mainly comprised of ff14 gil that is made when repeating dungeons. After the patch was implemented, ff14 gil has been generated by playing through the main scenario quests and via duties other than dungeons. What's really interesting is that the total amount of ff14 gil generated is nearly without change. The development team set limitations on the amount of ff14 gil to control inflation or avoid the disruption of economic balance.

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Prior to patch 2.3, as you can imagine, a large amount of ff14 gil went towards equipment repair. In the 30.4% for repair fees, the amount of ff14 gil spent on dark matter has not been included. The amount spent on grade 5 dark matter is included in the 13.9% for shop purchases, and considering these two aspects were spending a lot of repairs daily. Additionally, prior to the patch, there were already worlds where land was sold out, but it was still selling very consistently. The market boards were also an important point, and ff14 gil was being absorbed when players conducted transactions. While it might be a bit difficult to see with the size, the total amount of spending has almost doubled. This doesn't mean that repairs have gone down, but compared to the overall picture, the percentage of ff14 gil spent on repairs has gone down. In regards to purchasing land, new wards were added and players are also spending their ff14 gil on private chambers, so this aspect is very large. Also another important point is that the amount of ff14 gil spent on market board fees has nearly doubled due to an increase in the amount of new in-game systems; however, the percentage has barely changed. Additionally, with the implementation of these new systems and features, the amount of items that players can purchase from shops has also increased.


The patch 2.3 has not only big changes on FFXIV GIL but also on many other aspects, like armors, duties, dungeons etc. which has big effect on the game, and is the best patch I have ever seen. We expect every big patch in the future has so great or greater changes to bring us surprise as 2.3 brought. 

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ffxivfinal fantasy xivffxiv gilsafe ffxiv gilbuy ffxiv gil

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