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FFXIV Expansion 5.0 – Shadowbringers Is Coming Next Week

Helen Keller June 24th, 2019 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

FFXIV Expansion 5.0 – Shadowbringers is coming next week, new story, new challenges and new systems. All of the update details MmoGah (Ranking No.1 FFXIV Gil seller in google) lists in the following parts.



The Flood of Light rendered the vast majority of the First devoid of life, with Norvrandt remaining as the last bastion. Being a reflection of the Source, its climates and environs resemble those of Eorzea, though the cultures of its diverse range of inhabitants have taken an entirely different course over its troubled history.

  • 2 New Cites: Crystarium and Eulmore
  • 5 New Areas: Rak’tika, Amh Araeng, Il Mheg, Kholusia and Lakeland


New Trails

  • Titania: A being of great power, Titania holds sway over the pixies and other fae folk of Il Mheg─folk who, despite their notoriously temperamental natures, bow before their ruler one and all.
  • Innocence: Innocence sits at the top of the hierarchy of sin eaters─the beings that emerged from the Flood to plague what remains of mankind. Beyond that, its nature and purpose remain shrouded in mystery.

New Tribes

  • Pixies: Though they boast a command of magic unrivaled in Norvrandt, pixies generally limit their sphere of activity to Il Mheg, dancing amongst the winds on colorful wings. Do not be fooled, however─they are often as cruel as they are carefree.
  • Nu Mou: Though somewhat canine in appearance, the Nu Mou are indeed members of the fae, and make their homes in Il Mheg. They are more fairly disposed toward man than their pixie cousins, however, and maintained close ties with the people of Voeburt in its day.
  • Dwarves: This insular tribe dwells upon Mt. Gulg in Kholusia, its diminutive people rarely leaving the community of their birth. Dwarves are known for their skill at mining, metallurgy, and crafting mechanical marvels, but they themselves consider the true marks of dwarfhood to be respect for tradition and adherence to strict ancestral laws.

8-player Raid – Eden

Beyond the boundaries of Norvrandt lies the Empty─a land drowned in the primordial light of the Flood. To redress the balance of the elements, our hero must wield a power the likes of which the First has never known. The power of Eden.


New Jobs

  • Gunbreaker(Tank): The Gunbreaker will deal slashing damage with a Gunblade. Their attacks, as well as the Gunbreaker’s abilities can be enhanced and executed by expending magicked ammunition.
  • Dancer(DPS): The Dancer will be a Ranged DPS. Using throwing weapons, a Dancer can deal damage from afar while performing dances to execute abilities. Some dances can enhance party members.


New Races:

  • Hrothgar: The Hrothgar will be a male only race.

  • Viera: The Viera will be a female only race.

New Level Cap – 80 level

The level cap will be raised to 80 with the release of Shadowbringers. With this will come new actions for classes and jobs—as well as new foes on which to hone your skills.



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