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FFXIV DPS, Tank And Healer: Which Do You Like Best?

John Ryan April 13th, 2016 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

As you know, there are 9 base classes in Final Fantasy XIV (ranks the top 3 of the Top 10 MMORPGs in Game Virtual Currency Market 2016), respectively Marauder, Gladiator, Pugilist, Lancer, Archer, Rogue, Conjurer, Thaumaturge and Arcanist. Matching the primary class with secondary class can form DPS, Tank and Healer. As for the special traits among them, Mmogah will gives you a detailed analysis.


DPS: Stimulus output, but the fierce competition in the dungeons

DPS: Output stimulus straightforward, but the fierce competition in the dungeons

Pugilist and Monk (Gorgeous batter, but there are requirements to various positions to maximize output, operating pressure, leather defense and melee range, if not an experienced gamer, that is difficult to be operated)


They are not good at short-term bursts, the more they fight the more powerful they will show during the protracted war. A higher degree of difficulty to the position, most of the special effects of the skills work out from a particular direction. However when the skills increase to a particular point, waiting for you will be the strongest single output.


Lancer and Dragon (Handsome image has covered all his shortcomings. Anyway not much to say about professional class, you will definitely be single without choosing them)


They use a gun as a dragon, really awesome. A rush leap to the front and a fast hand to wave his gun, then turns his back to deadly attack others...... After layers of batter, he will mercilessly outbreak in the end, which is the basis routine of spear.


Jumping with various skills in batter is not only ornamental, but also improves your output explosively and continuously. By the way they can enhance their teammates Archer / Bard damage. Compared to the Monk, Dragoon is a DPS who is widely and highly applied in melee. However, Dragon is much more stringent than the Monk in the order of skill batters. A little wrong will lose a lot of DPS, therefore, the novice should pay attention to this point.


Archer and Bard (Shooting arrows towards any direction, owning strong complementary capabilities and force skills, reducing the enemy magic resistance, increasing speed, ultimate technology after the jump and recovery system. In theory, you can kill all dead monsters.)


The weakest output DPS, but based on that he obtains excellent complementary capabilities. Instantaneous silence skill, and a variety of poetry can give strong support to his teammates.


In order to make up for their lack of the usual damage, the Bard also comes with a lot of strengthening BUFFs. When the buffs are used together, then they can greatly enhance their output. Their output is not less than other occupations, but lacks in duration. Overall it is a very technical profession. Fully grasping the opportunity to use the singing / silence / BUFF to make up their usual overwhelming damage output, and then can be considered as a qualified poet.


Thaumaturge and Black Mage (The equipment looks very ugly, but its moves are really gorgeous, mastering the three-line Ice, Fire and Electricity characteristics, you can get an infinite blue stationary turret)


The simplest control of DPS. You can cast your status in “blue-back – output”. In addition there are a variety of skill effects which can provide significant outbreak. While dealing with the single, the damage is weaker than the gun, but the group is the first in the full game. As for outbreak and cluster burn, black magician is not allowed to be followed by any other professions.


Arcanist and Summoner (A word, leisure. The DOT depends on the situation, adjuvant therapy, the resurrection of the battlefield, all still base on your mood. In the dungeon before the full level, your pet can be used as the tank, when facing multiple targets you can keep up DOT, shows maximum output.)


Good at medium-scale fighting, a variety of Dot can spread to nearby enemies. Many Tank players can find themselves inexplicably lost their damage, but it is hard to be added again. The single output is stronger than Black Mage, and the range damage surpasses two melee DPS, it is a real universal thug. Main DoT also makes him not fear the loss of DPS brought by the limited skills of Boss, and Tank pets make him feel less pressure in a single brush.


As well as resurrection ...... it can be said for any universal DPS. The only weakness is similar to the general despair of poor short-term operational capability.


Tank: Relatively simple operation, but a large demand in dungeons

Tank: Relatively simple operation, but a large demand in dungeons

Gladiator and Paladin (Its defense is to rely on the damage reduction of the loyalty of a natural shield BUFF, as well as one more Shield block property, the main status of Tank can’t be shaken, handsome helmet and fast sword speed both attract many folks, the only shortcoming is that the ability of AOE is only a sword square.)


Although because of less damage means and less damage in the early time, so compared to Marauder they show a disadvantage in the dungeons, but are the most powerful jobs in the end of the game. The stability and operation are far beyond the peer soldiers. In the late, Conjurer “Stoneskin” is very important, which gives the Knight a nice complementary capabilities.


Marauder and Warrior (Its defense depends on powerful therapeutic amount of blood and 20% addition of the innate contempt BUFF. The deputy Tank owns unrivaled position, the upper limit of the amount of blood and can be a main Tank later by mastering and understanding class skills, as well as a strong ability to pull AOE ability of killing monsters, the overall strength ranks on the very front, can be widely used)


Enjoying the Tank’s Big Axe swing great pleasure. Early damage is not less than DPS, and occupational characteristics lead to its blood far more than the counterpart knight. They are better used than Gladiator in early time thanks to the output and damage means. It has been ever the blood Tank like vampire, basically can suck a lot of blood to reply HP each 15 seconds, the single is very stable.


Healer: Highly requirements in operation, indispensable in the team

Healer: Highly requirements in operation, indispensable in the team

Arcanist and Schilar (Another occupational therapy like a discipline priest, the group have shields, hold a small San therapy in hand and master Ethernet capability, you will be infinitely blue. As well as an automatic recovery elf, it has a very high degree of security. You can follow the Tank without attacking, the elf will solve the problem in the lower dungeons.)


Shields has a variety of skills and excellent single reply and mana control. Early damage output is better than White Mage, no single brush pressure. Excellent automatic treatment of the pet makes it easier to add HP than White Mage. However when it comes to really proficient scholars, which is a lot higher than the White Mage, shields and continued treatment within precious ranges should grasp the opportunity to play out their capabilities, and it is difficult to complete perfect control of “two” independent role in the end. The only drawback is that Scholars and peer Scholars are not compatible, and is not better to fit than the two White Mages.


Conjurer and White Mage (The main heal, carry blood lines, group brush, unparalleled and powerful BUFF capability, as well as the strongest AOE game skill, Lv 30 given a white unicorn, girls only)


Simple and clean, “Meng” equipment. Compared to all other occupations, Damage output is kind of inadequate, but his Holy Light is comparable to the range magic of Black Mage. His continued treatment and range treatment are richer than many Scholars, therefore the damage in dealing with BOSS group is simpler than Scholars. His operation is harder than the automatic control Scholar, but once when you get used to him, he will be much easier than Scholars. MP recovery means are very limited, so the control of blue is more difficult than Scholars.


Although this problem can be solved by the Bard’s support, but remember one thing - the Bard will lose DPS via singing. Therefore, you had better develop a control blue habit when playing White Mage.


Above all, Mmogah believes that all the adventurers understand why the 3 classes are so popular? Why so many guys are crazy about it, even they are really difficult classes? As for experienced gamers they choose to buy enough ffxiv gil to play by themselves, but for those gamers who have no time or less experience, they choose find professional ffxiv power leveling to do themselves a favor. Both ffxiv services are available in Mmogah, ranking No.1 in searching ‘ffxiv gil’ via google, obeying “Neither Gold nor Silver Prize Is as Valuable as Player’s Praise”, that’s why Mmogah is popular among ffxiv gamers.


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