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FFXIV Dawntrail Viper & Pictomancer Leveling – Do These Now

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Since the Early Access and the official launch of FFXIV Dawntrail is just around the corner, in this article, we will state some ways to prepare for your Viper or Pictomancer leveling process, shared by Desperius on his YouTube channel. Let’s find out.


Complete MSQ

First, make sure that your Main Scenario Quests are completed. They are a series of quests that tell the main story of the game. These quests often feature cutscenes and voice acting, and they unlock important features of the game such as airship travel, Grand Company access, a personal Chocobo mount, new cities, overworld zones, as well as dungeons and trials.



Whatever method you use to level up the jobs, having some decent equipment is the way to go. Therefore, focus on casting gear for Pictomancer and scouting gear for Viper. Weapons might not be available for the two new jobs, but having the full set of gear at your disposal is a very solid foundation.


Wondrous Tails

Wondrous Tails is a weekly activity that is unlocked at level 60 in Idyllshire. You are introduced to a book filled with slots for stickers, which can be obtained by dealing with certain tasks shown on the left page.


 Wondrous Tails


However, you can manipulate your luck a bit by redoing these challenges with Second Chance Points, which can be obtained by completing dungeons, raids, or trials with other players that haven't cleared that content yet. You can get the reward by trading in a fully completed book to Khloe Aliapoh. She will grant you half a level, which is scaling with whatever level you are when you turn this in. This comes in handy, as we can easily level up Viper or Pictomancer in just a few minutes.


At the reset time of June 18th, you can catch a fresh new book from Khloe and need to complete it with nine stickers placed. But after completing it, don’t trade it in to Khloe right away. Trade in it when Khloe hands out a fresh new one the week after, on the 25th of June instead, as you can keep the book for one week. Therefore, wait until the Early Access on the 28th of June. With that one completed book and some Second Chance points, you can get a boost for EXP. So, on June 28th or July 2nd, start your job quest with one of the new jobs, and with that job, trade in the book from the first week, catch the second book from Khloe right afterward, and complete it with an easy and quick task, like killing King Moggle Mog, then repeat the easiest of them with your Second Chance points. Furthermore, we also get Allagan Tomestone Poetic, so if you need more for your gear, keep that in mind.


Besides, the Frontline daily rewards us with tons of EXP. And definitely go for the Arkasodara Beast Tribe dailies, as these are done fast in about 5 minutes and grant you nearly the same amount of EXP as a dungeon would, but just once a day. So, above are the ways we introduced to help prepare to level up the new jobs in Dawntrail. If you like the content, be sure to subscribe to Desperius’s channel.

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