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FFXIV Allagan Tomestone Power Leveling at Mmogah Is Hot on Sale

Mmogah is ranked No.1 in the Gaming Industry. FFXIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling which are well-known for the high-quality customer service are popular among Final Fantasy XIV players. Compared with FF14 Gil, FF14 Power Leveling at Mmogah is more distinctive. Now we will recommend a kind of hot power leveling, FFXIV Allagan Tomestone Power Leveling at Mmogah.

FFXIV Allagan Tomestone Power Leveling at Mmogah Is Hot on Sale

Allagan Tomestones are Endgame tokens used to exchange for various endgame gear in Mor Dhona (x22, y6) by talking to Rowena. There is currently one main type of Allagan Tomestones in game, Law. Players can obtain Allagan Tomestones by completing dungeons, trials, Duty Roulette and Beast Tribe Quests. Here is a list of tomestone rates and locations. Players are limited to have 2000 of each Tomestone at once. Additionally certain types of Tomestones, currently Poetics have weekly caps of 450 that reset on Every Tuesday.

Before Patch 3.1 online, there are 6 types of Allagan Tomestone as following:

l  Allagan Tomestone of Philosophy was introduced in patch 2.0. It was used to purchase iLvl 70 Darklight armor and accessories. It became obsolete in patch 2.2.

l  Allagan Tomestone of Mythology was introduced in patch 2.0. It was used to purchase iLvl 90 Armor and Accessories. It became obsolete in patch 2.4.

l  Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery was introduced in patch 2.2. It was used to purchase item level 100 Weathered Armor, Weathered Accessories and Weathered Weapons. It became obsolete with the introduction of Heavensward

l  Allagan Tomestone of Poetics was introduced in patch 2.4. It is used to purchase item level 120 Ironworks Armor, Ironworks Accessories and Ironworks Magitek Weapons.

l  Allagan Tomestone of Law was introduced in patch 3.0. It is used to purchase item level 170 weapons and armor.

l  Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics was introduced in patch 3.05. It is used to purchase Item level 200 weapons and armor.

As the main type of Allagan Tomestones, Allagan Tomestone of Law is needed by most of players. To obtain this tomestone, players need to have at least 1 level 60 class or job. Allagan Tomestone of Law does not have weekly caps. It is a fast and convenient method to get ilvl 170 gear. What’s more, it is cheaper than the crafting equipment on MB. Item level 170 gear can be upgraded into item level 180 gear by bringing Doman Whetstone, Doman Urushi and Raw Doman Urushi to Seika in Idyllshire (x6, y7).

Especially to the AKF players who return recently, collecting Allagan Tomestone of Law is good to upgrade item level. But it takes enough time to collect. If you want to catch other players’ steps as soon as possible, Allagan Tomestone Power Leveling at Mmogah could help you.

Of course, there are many other types of FF14 Power Leveling at Mmogah, such as Lv.50-60, Main Scenario Quests, Zodiac Weapon, Company Seals Power Leveling and so on. If you couldn’t get your needed power leveling, just contact with our Live Chat to customize your own power leveling. Mmogah is always trying our best to meet all customers’ needs. 

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