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Do You Have Good Suggestions about Saving Economy in FFXIV

John Ryan Date: 2014-01-04 Views: 4089 ffxiv patch 2.1ffxiv final fantasy xivffxiv gilmmogah

Before Patch 2.1-A Realm Awoken, all players were looking forward to it, dreaming to buy A beautiful housing for their Free Company. Now 2.1 released, but houses' prices surprised almost all players, few FC can afford a house. FC members are trying to farm more ffxiv gil to donate it to their Free Company, but current economy is getting worse and worse, even a lot worse than before 2.1, almost nothing can be sold in Market Board. The vast majority of items are not necessary in current game, the situation have to get changed anyway, do you have good ideas about saving economy? We found two good suggestions from players.
The first One is to make housing buyable or -questable-. Not easy, granted, but something you can chip away at. If anyone remembers the Lu Shang fishing rod quest in XI... you needed 10, 000 carp for the best rod in the game. Huge sense of accomplishment if you completed it, or buy the fish in small increments. Thus it -also- made a market for easy to acquire fish, and the bait needed to catch them. Make it an option for housing and all of a sudden, everyone can contribute and feel like housing and making gil is attainable.

We need tool to clear out the land, get to work botanists! 5, 000 iron ingots for tools. Wood for the house! 10, 000 oak lumber. Need pipes! 5, 000 steel sheets, need beams for support, 5, 000 rivets! Oh no, the wood looks terrible! Need 5000 HQ lumber now!

It can be taken a step further to include other crafts. Insulation up to code? Need weaver to make fluffy stuff and an alchemist to make x-amount of fire and ice resist potions. Bsm might need to convert regular iron ore into 'house quality' iron ore.

Heck even get CUL involved and have a part where the immortal flames need x-amount of meals and they'll help erect your chimney. The point is, everyone can get involved -or- be able to sell stuff in the now stimulated market and not be broken. Make the quests hard and long enough to be something to work for and make it worth dropping several mil over. The point is... as it stands, whether you have all crafts leveled or 1 level 50, you can only help your fc with gil.

Another one good suggestion is combining crafts and gearsfrom dungeons. Currently, crafts are kind of useless, you can get decent gear with tomes or dungeons, which doesn't includes craft. With those who has already levelled it, there is no use of it. Who those who hasn't, what's the point? Hope they can make crafts more useful, like melding meteria into gears from dungeons to make gear attribute to be +1 +2 +3... , and there is probability to get broken. This way can greatly stimulate the whole market, all items will circulate and be consumed. Related News: The Trick about Cheapest FF14 Gil, FFXIV Gil
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