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Cloud Strife Outfit in FFXIV Planned For 720 Days Veteran Reward

By John Ryan2015-03-06


For Final Fantasy Fans, if they are required to elect a male character as their favorite, Cloud Strife must be in the list. Cloud may be the most known and popular male character to young FF fans. Now there is wonderful news that Cloud Strife outfit is planned for 720 days vet reward. This latest veteran reward hasn’t officially been implemented yet, but was announced during the latest Letter from the Producer Live.

Cloud Strife Outfit in FFXIV

Veteran Rewards are in-game item bonuses that are awarded to players periodically based on how long they have had an active subscription. The rewards are based on accumulative subscription, so it doesn’t matter if you take a break from the game for a while as it rewards you based on your overall subscription time. The rewards are distributed via the moogle delivery service in-game as soon as you qualify for each new rank of reward and apply to all current and future characters you own.

This is not the first FF character costume to cameo in FFXIV, we have already seen the outfit of Lighting and Snow, Setzer outfit has been revealed as a Gold Saucer reward in the next part of FFXIV patch 2.5 “Before The Fall”.

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Though players couldn’t get Cloud outfit soon, fans are expectant and join a heated discussion. Most of the players are positive to the new outfit, of course Cloud is so handsome. There is also extra advice from the fans as follows:

  • If a Cloud-esque hairstyle would come with new outfit, it is better.

  • Cloud outfit is designed, where is Tifa?

  • 720 days is so long, it is too impatient to wait.

  • One said: “I don’t get it. SE already gave us Lightning, why would they give us the same character’s outfit again?” This is an interesting shout.


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In the future, there will be many different Clouds of different races and classes, just like Bard Cloud, Lalafell Cloud, Roegadyn Cloud, and even Au Ra Cloud in patch 3.0. I imagine Roe Cloud would be a fantastic one, how strong the Cloud is! If you want to know more discussion about it, here is the Reddit. FFXIV is a MMO that is worth to play, and mmogah hammers to make every player enjoy FFXIV. You can follow our Facebook to catch more fresh info, tips and special offers, also if you want to buy FFXIV GIL mmogah is your best choice, our customer service reps are 24/7 online waiting for you to deliver fast and cheap FFXIV GIL.

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