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Cherished Memories about FFXIV---Dodore, Uraeus, Goblin and Buffalo

By John Ryan2014-12-09

As an old FFXIV player, I'd like to share some of my screenshots from the good old times. Maybe it'll recall some of your memories back too.

Back then, I was in a great Linkshell called Blacksun, they all knew that I am Chinese, but didn't know that I worked at a company which sells FFXIV Gil, not like I could just shout in game "I work at a company which sells FFXIV Gil, it's called, come and buy some." Hehe, they would've kicked me out or reported me if I had said that, so I kept it to myself.

Why do I play the game? First of all, for work, you have to know the game to be able to serve customers better. Secondly, I like the game. I also like taking screenshots, do you?

Since still no one knows who I am and it's not in the game, so, come and check our website out if you are interested in buying FFXIV Gil or FFXIV Powerleveling, the link is!

Below are screenshots of us killing NMs

Purple Memory of Dodore in FFXIV
Linkshell event: Killing Dodore. They only pop when this map turned all purple. With Dodore Wings you can make Dodore Doublets, which was the chest for crafters.

Uraeus Memory in FFXIV
Linkshell event: Killing Uraeus. They drop Uraeus Skin, which I forgot what was it for, maybe its for making hats, definitely not something for healers.

Goblin Memory in FFXIV
Linkshell event: Killing Goblin. I think this was for a dagger, that one of the Goblins holds.

Buffalo Memory in FFXIV
Of course there were Buffalos too, what needed was Buffalo Horns.


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