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Best Graphics Settings for FFXIV Dawntrail

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FFXIV Dawntrail has finally officially launched. Finding the best graphics settings for Dawntrail can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Whether you aim for stunning visuals or smooth performance, this guide, shared by Desperius on his YouTube channel, will help you optimize your settings to achieve the perfect balance, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable adventure in the FFXIV world. Likewise, needless to say, having some Dawntrail gold prepared can also make your adventure smoother and happier. Stock some by using MmoGah now! We have cheap gil for sale.

 resolution and general setting


One major issue that came into view is that shadows seem to be flickering. To get this effect off, click Graphics Settings, and you will see Anti-aliasing. Choosing TSCMAA will help you improve it.


Grass Quality: this is what we definitely want on high because the grass density can be improved, which looks better than the off option.


3D Scaled Resolution: Dropping the Value from 100% to 99% can lead to a much sharper resolution.


Then, under the Shadow Quality category, you can untick the two options of “Use low-detail models on shadows” and “Use low-detail models on distant object shadows”, as they don’t do much to the performance.


Shadow Resolution: choose High – 2048p so that the shadows are more realistic, which also helps against the flickering shadows.


Shadow Cascading: it actually looks better if it’s off.


Shadow Softening: there are three options – strongest, strong, and weak. As you can see, the tree's shadows are much more pixelated if you choose strong or weak. In the strongest settings, you will have softer and blurred shadows. The settings depend on what you prefer. What’s more, the strongest setting can also help you get rid of the flickering shadow effect we’ve mentioned before.

 shadow softening


 shadow softening 2


Screen Space Ambient Occlusion: Square Enix introduced the GTAO Standard option. This is awesome, and it beats HBAO+: Quality and HBAO+:  Standard.




Below is the original video by Desperius. If you like this guide, be sure to subscribe to his channel. Enjoy your game!

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