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A Communication Process with a FFXIV GIL Buyer about Paypal Payment Chargeback

John Ryan Date: 2014-06-19 Views: 4156 ffxivffxiv gilfinal fantasy xivsafe ffxiv gilbuy ffxiv gil

Yesterday, a FFXIV GIL buyer claimed chargeback, here is the communication with him. After this communication, he cancelled the chargeback claim on paypal.
 Mmogah to J
 For your Orderid:20143700015265 on May 29, we have delivered you already, why you said "the goods or services purchased were either damaged or not as described" and tried to chargeback. Can you check it again please? Thank you!
 J to Mmogah
 If you see my past transactions. I have bought from you guys quite a lot. I had only one charge-back because I never received my gold. I am not sure if it was lost or possibly taken by a game master, but I never received it. I keep buying from you because I assumed it was just a mistake and you guys have always been perfect except that one time.
 Mmogah to J
 We did deliver your Gil, here are the screenshots.
 J to Mmogah
 I did not just buy from you guys once. I bought from you many many times. I only did once charge-back. I was never contacted with one of the purchases. That is all I know? I have bought a lot since then also. You can't really tell which purchase these screenshots are even from honestly?
 Mmogah to J
 I think, you know we are not a scam site. We are always trying to do the best service to our customers as we can. We never did or will never do any fake screenshots or use other transaction's screenshots to cheat PayPal company as the other sites like
www.zamgold.com, www.topvipgold.com do to steal customers' money.
 You claimed chargeback with the reason: the goods or services purchased were either damaged or not as described. In fact, because it is virtual goods, PayPal company will not give this money to you at the end. But we still hope you can find what's the problem, where the Gil went. We both resolve it via the fact.
 You have bought FFXIV GIL from us total 4 times. We have all the different screenshots for each trade. You know, every screenshot has its unique name with the exact time, of course has different scene and character describe for every trade on each picture. In the following emails. we will send you every order and its correspondent screenshots, hope that you can check every screenshot carefully. We are honest!
 J to Mmogah
 Hmm, you guys must be right then. This was obviously my fault and I apologize. I must have got orders confused and I honestly thought I didn't get one. I will cancel this ASAP. I am very glad you helped me clear this up!
 Mmogah to J
 OKay, Thank you :) let us know when you cancel it please :P
 J to Mmogah
 I just did. I should have checked with you guys first. I acted to quickly and I apologize.
 Mmogah to J
 No problem. 

 The chargeback got resolved fast and smoothly. That is just a mistake from J. Thanks J for giving us a chance to show this progress to everyone. Trust  Mmogah.com as trust yourself. We really care about you.

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