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5 Ways to Power level in Final Fantasy XIV ARR

John Ryan Date: 2014-01-05 Views: 2448 ffxiv arrffxiv power levelingfinal fantasy xivffxiv gil

In Final Fantasy XIV ARR, one character can have every job/class to cap level, so FFXIV Powerlevelling is different from many other games. For now there are 5 kinds of powerlevelling ways which include Story Quests, Side Quests, Hunting Logs, Fates and Instances.

In this game, leveling the first class is different from leveling additional classes. If you are new to FFXIV to play your first class, doing story quests is necessary, at the same time, doing side quests and hunting logs, running fates and instances are helpful. If you level additional classes, currently running instances is the best and fastest way, doing fates is the second fast way( it is the fastest way in version 2.0).

Most of the players like to level all classes to cap, to have different experiences with different classes and to get a wonderful character, but it is hard and boring to level so many classes by yourself . So you can just throw your account to to do your FFXIV Powerleveling before you sleep , work or have a trip, we will do safe Powerleveling for you with 100% hand-work, we also provide safe and fast FFXIV GIL for your crafts and other needs.

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ffxiv arrffxiv power levelingfinal fantasy xivffxiv gil

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