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  • Top 5 FFXI Mounts and How To Get Them
    By Danikhan2022-11-23 00:00:00

    Are you bored of using the Raptor mount over and over again? Are you looking for new mounts in Final Fantasy 11? You are at the right place. Here are our top picks for the five best mounts in the game and how you can get them.


    How To Get New Mounts in FFXI

    Mounts are creatures in FFXI that your in-game character can ride and travel the world of FFXI. To get a new mount in FFXI, you need to acquire a companion key item. This companion key item is the Astral Notebook for most of the mounts in the game.


    There is a different method for acquiring a key item for specific mounts. After getting a key item for a mount, you need to speak with Mapitoto, and you will get access to the mount.






    One of the coolest-looking mounts you can acquire in FFXI is the Hippogryph. This mount would seem very familiar to Harry Potter movie fans because a creature that looks identical to this appeared in one of the Harry Potter movies. In fact, the creature was also called a Hippogryph in the movie.


    There aren't many things you can do in FFXI that look as cool as riding this majestic giant bird. It has four feet with claws that it uses to run. Since the Hippogryph is a type of bird, it also has two gigantic wings that it can use to soar the skies. However, it doesn’t fly in the game. You can only see the Hippogryph flying in Harry Potter movies.


    To get the Hippogryph, you will need to acquire the Astral Notebook using some of your Login Points. You can get the Astral Notebook for the Hippogryph from the Greeter Moogles. You can only get the Hippogryph during Login Campaigns. 


    Iron Giant


    Iron Giant


    Up next, we have the Iron Giant. The Iron Giant looks exactly how its name suggests it would. It is a massive metal robot. The Iron Giant has a total of five separate body parts, including two shoulders, two arms, two legs, and a torso connected to its head.


    The Iron Giant looks as if all its body parts are floating without any apparent physical connection to each other. Only the head and torso appear to have a physical link. Those body parts appear to be connected by a magical force field. Also, each of those parts is on fire, which makes the Iron Giant look even more menacing.


    To acquire the Iran Giant, you need to acquire the Astral Notebook, which has the music instructions on how to call an Iron Giant. You can get this Astral Notebook by purchasing it using Login Points from the Greeter Moogles, but only during Repeat Login Campaigns.






    What could be cooler than having a tiger as a pet? Some would argue that riding a tiger as a mount is way cooler than having one as a pet. If all that sounds appealing to you, then you would love the Byakko mount in FFXI.


    While a Tiger Companion mount is available in FFXI, it looks nowhere near as good as the Byakko mount. Not only that, but the Tiger mount does not have the tiger stripes we all are familiar with. While the Tiger mount also looks nice, the purple colored stripes on the muscular body of the Byakko mount look even better.


    To get the Byakko, you will need to acquire the Astral Notebook. This notebook will have the sheet music used to call Byakko, which can be bought from Greeter Moogles for some Login Points. You can only do this during certain Repeat Login Events.






    One of the latest mounts that came to FFXI is the Ixion, and it is also one of the best-looking mounts. Ixion feels right at home as a mount because Ixion is a type of horse. We have seen knights riding horses in some of our favorite movies, which is why the Ixion looks great.


    With that said, the Ixion bares more resemblance to a unicorn. Ixion has a massive horn on its forehead that seems ready to pierce any incoming enemies. Ixion also has a luscious mane and tail that flow as Ixion runs in the world of FFXI.


    You need the Astral Notebook to acquire Ixion. You can only get the Astral Notebook for Ixion using Login Points. Also, you can only get it during Repeat Login Campaigns. To get the Astral Notebook, you need to talk to Greeter Moogles.






    If you like the Hippogryph mount, then you are going to love the Tulfaire mount. The Tulfaire mount is also a type of bird like the Hippogryph, but it is ten times more majestic. Along with that, the Tulfaire mount is also a bit larger than the Hippogryph.


    The Tulfaire mount has two primary claws, which are both massive and sharp, and it has two other claws connected to its wings that it uses to fly. Unlike the Hippogryph mount, the Tulfaire mount is actually able to fly. However, it can't fly in the traditional sense and will only take you about three to four feet above the ground.


    To get the Tulfaire mount, you need an Astral Notebook, similar to the ones mentioned for all other mounts in this list. You can acquire this Astral Notebook from the Greeter Moogles by spending a few of your Login Points. Just like the Astral Notebooks for other mounts, you can only get this during Repeat Login Campaigns.


    Final Thoughts

    Using different mounts is a great way to customize your in-game character in FFXI. You get to explore the world of FFXI while riding some of the most majestic creatures of the game.


    However, another way of making your in-game character look great is getting some new gear. For that, you need some Gil, which is not that easy to acquire. Fortunately, you also have the option to buy as much FFXI Gil as you want. Try out new gear and combine it with one of the mounts mentioned above, and your in-game character will look amazing.