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FFXI Warrior Guide – Abilities & Weapons & How to Level And More

By zaryab2022-11-28

Players worldwide have grown to have a strong passion for Warrior throughout the years of FFXI. Its natural destructive capability, versatility in nearly all situations, and the level of mastery needed to use it for your benefit genuinely. People ask about Warrior. Therefore, in this guide, we've shared some helpful information about the Warrior in FFXI.


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Warrior Job In FFXI

Warrior is one of the six jobs available when playing Final Fantasy XI. One of the best jobs for dealing damage is the warrior, who has access to various weapon types and supporting gear. It also has the equipment to serve as a backup tank if necessary. In the endgame environment, the Warrior's range of damage kinds and options for using those weapons are frequently desired for Odyssey. Early in the game, the warrior is unquestionably the most genuine meat shield and, later on, one of the most fundamental damage dealers. It doesn't have any magic or very fancy moves, but it's the ideal option for someone starting as a front-line fighter.




Important Things to Know About Warrior

Warrior is one of the most adaptable careers in Final Fantasy XI. The warrior is regarded as one of the main tank classes capable of damage-dealing.


A Warrior is a front-line melee fighter who can take a lot of damage and strike a lot of it. A Warrior's primary responsibility in most parties is to protect his allies in the back while taking the majority of the damage from monsters. Warriors can cause significant harm to their enemies thanks to their strong arsenal of weaponry. Having a high HP and defense rating is essential for a Warrior to be able to take the most damage for your team.


Abilities & Weapons

The Warrior in Final Fantasy XI is a physical attack powerhouse with a wide range of physical and a few magical attacks. The Warrior can also use the majority of armor and weaponry. Strength, Agility, and Stamina are the three main stats for a Warrior.


The primary responsibility of the Warrior is to damage the opponent. They can also put on bulky armor without slowing down. Warriors have access to a wide range of weaponry. They can carry swords, spears, hammers, and axes. They can also use a shield, which will boost their defense numbers. Warriors also have access to a wide range of skills that will enable them to harm their adversaries even more. These skills have three categories: attack, defense, and support.


Cleave (AOE Damage)

Cleave is the Warrior's first primary skill. The Warrior can use Cleave to quickly swing their weapon twice, causing AOE damage to all opponents nearby. Since it will hit all-around foes, it is preferable to utilize this ability when surrounded by several of them.


Critical Strike (Single Target)

Critical Strike is the second Primary skill. When a warrior uses Critical Strike, their chance to critically strike increases by 5%, and they can critically attack an enemy (or enemies) and deal a tonne of damage. Due to the increased likelihood of dealing enormous quantities of damage against single targets, this ability is advantageous.


Some Other Abilities of Warrior


Savage Charg


War Cry

Battle Order


The weapons listed below are those available to Warriors in Final Fantasy XI. There is a base attack power and a delay value for every weapon. At the same time, the delay increases in proportion to your skill level with the weapon, and the base attack power rises in response to your skill level with the weapon's class.




Great Sword



2h Axe

1h Axe






Weapons can be easily acquired when you have Gil in your account. If you are looking for cheap Gil for FFXI, look no further and get some from our trustworthy Gil shop.


Selection of Race

There are five different races available. Mithra, Tarutaru, Hume, Elvaan, Galka, and Hume. Each race has a unique set of qualities that distinguish them apart from others. Additionally, lacking stats can be compensated for using various equipment sets.


Here’s an order by which Warrior can be the best in FFXI.


(Ordered by selection priority)








Leveling Up With Warrior


Level 1-10

You obtain an Onion Sword when you start with a Warrior. You must purchase an axe from a merchant or auction house at that time. You only need an axe and a shield to conquer the monsters in Gustaberg, Sarutabaruta, or Ronfaure. Early on, you won't gain anything special, but once your axe skill hits level 1, you'll get Raging Axe, your first weapon skill. You'll be able to start doing a lot of damage with that. Any time during the game, Signet is your best friend. The most helpful job ability in the game, Provoke, is unlocked at level 5.


Level 10-20

Valkurm Dunes is where Warrior is the most desired job. To suppress hate, you need a Warrior. When leveling in any party, especially if you decide to play as a Paladin or Ninja later on in the game, this is where you learn how to utilize Provoke properly. You should continue to use your Axe and shield at this stage because you will serve as Valkurm's main tank. The support job Blue Mage becomes incredibly useful once you reach Lv. 16. If you have this profession leveled and equipped with all of the spells, it can be a fantastic support job because it boosts your defense by 50%, adds Stoneskin, and heals you.


Level 20-40

From Lv. 20 to Lv. 33, you should continue to tank your way through Yhoator by switching to a Blue Mage or Monk and using axes and shields. Starting with a Ninja support position and either two terrific axes or one great axe. Please ensure your support job is active before traveling to Qufim Island, as many people who level Warrior as their first job need to be aware of the sub-jobs significance.


Level 40-60

These are the most challenging levels for a Warrior and where Warrior begins to shine as a true damage-dealer, with Lv.55 granting access to the vital Rampage weapon skill for single-handed axes. With this five-hit weapon skill, TP has an impact on the likelihood that each strike will result in a critical hit. If all five are critical hits, you will have at least dealt 10 times as much damage as usual. You'll use the great axe more frequently until level 55. While you turn 50 and hold a Samurai support job, you get Hasso, which is extremely useful when using two-handed weapons.


Level 60-75

As expected, Warrior continues to serve as a secondary or backup tank and damage dealer. Retaliation, the warrior's ultimate career skill, is unlocked at level 60. This transforms Warrior into a counter stance. However, it differs significantly from Counter. Retaliation will aid your tanking because it will hit the target after you have been struck, providing you with extra TP and mainly focusing the job to take hits. For the final fifteen stages of your career, the support positions of samurai, thief, and ninja are all appropriate. Since you win after one quick self-skill chain, our final limit breach quest against Maat is more straightforward than others. When you finally reach 75, the end game begins.


Level 75-Endgame

One of the best jobs to have at Lv. 75 is a warrior because you can easily merit and skill into practically any non-magical job in the game. Even one weapon skill raised to a higher level can and will have a significant effect. It is currently regarded as the second-best damage dealer in the game because Warrior may substitute Hasso and still receive Berserk rather than having to choose between the two.


Benefits of Warrior

Warrior is unquestionably the best job for you if you mainly focus on damage dealing. To excel in every damage-dealing situation you put it in, Warrior commands an incredible arsenal of Job Abilities, Weapons, Weapon Skills, and gear. Warrior is more valuable than merely a damage-dealing job. It is one of the most outstanding procing jobs for Abyssea and Voidwatch because of its availability of an incredible variety of weapon talents. The Warrior's access to 10 of the 13 red vulnerability weapon talents, along with Samurai as a subjob, makes him the most useful, with 13/13 being achievable with the right gear, merits, and sub-job.


Due to the DPS power of its SPs, utility in having access to a solid weapon choice in Polearm, Sword, Axe, Great Sword, and Great Axe, and capacity to improve the DPS of every melee member of the party with Warcry, Blood Rage, and Tomahawk, the Warrior fits in incredibly well.



The Warrior is a position that can both take and deal a lot of damage to its enemies. This class's main draw is its powerful strikes, which may be launched swiftly and effectively in groups. The Warrior can improve their weapon by learning new spells and talents. They can be highly effective in combat and a variety of other circumstances. Hope this article will help you better understand the FFXI Warrior.

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