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FFXI Top Five Best Weapons for Dark Knights and Warriors & Where to Find

Danikhan September 27th, 2022 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

Final Fantasy XI is one of the most famous multiplayer role-playing games; it was developed and published by Square soft and then again published by Square Enix as the eleventh main installment of the Final Fantasy series. There are so many weapon types that players can wield in-game, but most of the players go with swords, axes, and scythes. But there are so many weapons in these three categories, and because of that, most players are confused about selecting a weapon. So, here are the top five best weapons for Dark Knights and Warriors in these three categories, Ragnarok, Apocalypse, Ukonvasara, Conqueror, and Bravura.


ffxi best weapons and where to find



Ragnarok is a great sword and the best weapon in Final Fantasy XI because of its synergy. Ragnarok’s synergy allows the warrior a 1-hour worth of ability known as mighty strikes. It has an accuracy of +60 and a critical hit rate of +14%. Ragnarok’s relic weapon skills in not very reliable as its damage is low, and the aftermath can easily increase by different methods. Instead of this skill, Resolution should be used because when Resolution is combined with the Mighty strikes, the 5-hit attack will be a critical hit every time, and this will turn the warriors into powerhouses. Even without the Mighty strikes, Resolution is a great weapon skill, as this weapon is known for its high accuracy hits.


Ragnarok can be upgraded up to level 99 by the Trial of Magians, and the up max level 119 III can be upgraded by Oboro. Upgrading this weapon can be a little difficult.


Final Fantasy XI players mostly use these skills Resolution and Tor cleaver with Ragnarok; along with that, they use Scourge to keep its aftermath, as it’s quite possible to do a critical damage of +24% with these skills.


How to Obtain Ragnarok

Ragnarok can’t be traded, auctioned, or delivered, and it can’t be obtained as a reward. This weapon can be obtained by a quest known as Relic Great Sword: Ragnarok and is available in Dynamics. Ragnarok can be obtained easily as compared to Chango.


There are some other weapons that you can buy in the game. However, to do that, you will need FFXI Online Gil, which are pretty hard to come by in the game, especially when it comes to the amounts needed for good weapons. That said, if you head on over to MmoGah, you can easily fix that problem.



Apocalypse is the most famous and easily usable weapon in Dark Knight’s arsenal. This weapon is very useful for a solo player. The linked skill of this weapon, known as Catastrophe, does not do much damage, but that can be ignored as Apocalypse has an accuracy of +60, making it the same as Ragnarok accuracy-wise. The best thing about this weapon is that it drains around 30 to 70% of the damage it deals to the opponent and converts it into HP. A player can heal in instant with this weapon. When combined with drain II and drain III the results are better as it increases the Dark knight’s HP. The aftermath of this weapon is pretty good as it gives a 10% equipment haste effect. The equipment haste effect allows the player some flexibility with gear haste options.


Apocalypse can be upgraded up to level 99 by the Trial of Magians, and the up max level 119 III can be upgraded by Oboro. As this weapon is a relic weapon upgrading the weapon can be a little difficult.


How to Obtain Apocalypse

Apocalypse can’t be traded or auctioned, but it can be to a character on the same account delivered, and it can’t be obtained as a reward. This weapon can be obtained by a quest known as Relic Scythe: Apocalypse and is available in Dynamics. As this is a Relic weapon, it can be obtained easily.



This weapon has a perfect balance of both power and accessibility. The related skill of this weapon is known as Ukko’s Fury, and it is very strong. It is not just a regular ability. It has the potential to be a warrior’s most powerful attack. There is more to Ukko’s fury; it works very well when paired with Blood rage as this combo allows critical hits much often. Ukonvasara is capable of critical hit attacks, and it can easily generate Light skill chains if used twice in succession. This weapon benefits extraordinarily from strength stats as it has +50 strength.


This weapon is perfect for those players who can auto attack multiple times quickly as this weapon has a 50% chance to deal triple damage on auto attacks and the maintaining of empyrean aftermaths is a lot easier than that of mystic ones.


Ukonvasara is not entirely a perfect weapon because it is not that reliable for heavy buffs. The player would often require help from other warriors such as Corsairs, Geomancers, Bards, and more if they are synergizing the usage of Blood rage. This weapon relies so much on critical hits, so it does not do very well against opponents with critical defense bonuses.


Ukonvasara can be upgraded up to 99 through the Trial of the Magians and all Item Level 119 variants via Oboro. This weapon can be obtained and upgraded easily.


How to Obtain Ukonvasara

Ukonvasara can’t be traded, auctioned, or delivered, and it can’t be obtained as a reward. It can be obtained from Trial 1355 of the Trial of Magicians. The bone splitter is upgraded via Great Axe Trails.



Some players do not concern themselves much with accuracy as they go for a weapon that deals a great amount of damage; keeping that in mind, Caladbolg is perfect for those types of players as its weapon skill known as Torcleaver can deal damage that rivals the damage done by Ragnarok. Thanks to this weapon’s Light and Distortion skill chain elements, it’s capable of skill chains easily. Most of the one-hit weapon skills have a natural accuracy bonus on them, so it is better for the player not to get too confident because missing a hit from Torcleaver will not be a good sight, and that may determine the overall DPS. Since Caladbolg is a one-hit weapon, it is better to focus on accuracy and attacks.


Caladbolg potential is like that of Ukonvasara in terms of a critical hit as the after of Caladbolg occasionally offers triple damage on any of their auto attacks. Those players who can auto attack multiple times quickly can be at a huge advantage.


The strength of Torcleaver is one thing that is holding back this ability’s potential to be one of the best skills for Dark knights. If this ability had strength instead of its jarring 80% vitality modifier that holds back Torcleaver’s damage, then without a doubt, it would have been one of the Dark Knight’s most consistently powerful attacks.


Caladbolg can be upgraded up to 99 through the Trial of the Magians and all Item Level 119 variants via Oboro.


How to Obtain Caladbolg

This weapon can be obtained from the quest known as the Trial 1247, and it can also be redeemed from an NPC Dealer, Moogle.



The Conqueror is a damage-based type of weapon, but its weapon skill is not something to brag about. This does not mean that the ability of the Conqueror, known as King’s justice, is not worth it; it just falls behind in terms of strength compared to other abilities in the category of great axes. But still, it is a great choice for a warrior to use in battle as it offers a mystic aftermath effect that grants +40%, Double Attack, and +40% Triple Attack at level three. This aftermath significantly increases a warrior’s TP gain.


There is also a great effect that comes along with Conqueror known as Augments Berserk V. This effect boosts Berserk’s attack modifier to 33.5%, and it also adds a 14% critical hit rate.


Some players unequip Conqueror after using Berserk because the benefit from Berserk attack bonus will remain there, except that the enhanced critical hit rate will not remain.


Conqueror can be a little difficult to handle as the aftermath of level three could be somewhat difficult to maintain since it requires a whole of 3000 TP. The situations where it can be most tricky to use is when warriors are unable to attack, such as suffering from sleep or petrification. It is quite tricky to build up 3000 TP to apply the aftermath of level three again because it can set back the DPS.


Conqueror can be upgraded up to 99 through the Trial of the Magians and all Item Level 119 variants via Oboro.


How to Obtain Conqueror

Conqueror is a mystic weapon, so it is one of the hardest weapons to obtain in Final Fantasy XI. It can be obtained from a quest known as Mystic weapons. And it can also be traded from an NPC Dealer, Moogle.



The followings are the weapons that could not make in the top 5 list for both Dark knights and Warriors:

  • Chango: Chango is one of the best weapon options in the great axe category for warriors
  • Bravura: Bravura does not have great weapon skills, but it is designed for special situations.
  • Anguta: Anguta is an Aeonic scythe weapon, and it offers an excellent TP bonus.
  • Liberator: Liberator in a Mystic weapon with incredible absorb stats.


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