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  • FFXI Shinryu Abyssea Final Boss Guide
    By Hakky2022-09-26 00:00:00

    The material of Final Fantasy XI Abyssea has been available for quite some time, and the final boss, Shinryu, has been battled against several times by a wide variety of explorers. However, there are still a great many individuals who have not yet prevailed over this fearsome foe (which, I will agree, is challenging). You don't need to search any further! This boss guide on how to battle Shinryu in Abyssea will provide you with all the information you need to know about how to defeat this dragon king so that you, too, may enjoy the pleasures of conquering such a formidable adversary.


    FFXI Shinryu Abyssea Final Boss Guide


    The Beginning

    It is essential to go into this struggle with a plan to succeed. Every party member ought to be responsible for a certain duty, which will contribute to your success. One player may be responsible for casting healing spells on the individual who is acting as the tank, while another player would be in charge of engaging the boss in combat.


    The single most essential point to remember is that every party member plays a function that is just as vital as the next and that no individual should be responsible for all of these responsibilities. You will get an idea of what each position comprises, what talents are essential for it, and where you can obtain those skills in FFXI: Abyssea after reading this blog article if you choose to play it. And if any members are unsure how to take down a brutal monster. They can always consult another member who has dealt with similar challenges in the past.


    Phase 2

    During phase 2, only Shinryu and an additional platform will be available. Maintain your focus on both to determine the appropriate time to swap platforms. Switch places with the add as soon as it gets near enough to Shinryu, and then proceed to attack him with all you've got. Be wary that he will employ a decisive ice strike that will do massive damage if it hits just one person; as a result, you should strive to spread out as much as possible during this encounter phase.


    To quickly dispose of Shinryu and his add, you will need a steady flow of assaults that do substantial damage. The quicker you kill them, the less time they have to pound you with various harmful assaults; therefore, the sooner you eliminate them, the better (especially his AoE ice attack) immediately after they are destroyed.


    Phase 3

    Phase 3 will begin; however, at this point, there will be no more platforms, and advertisements will be placed in each of the four corners. In this section, stand in the area with the fewest number of advertisements, which is often the corner opposite Shinryu. Run over to the vacant spot as soon as an enemy add is eliminated close to your hub, then immediately begin eliminating any other nearby enemies.


    Phase 4

    Continue until none remain or phase 4 starts. Return to the fray as soon as possible if you find yourself destroyed at any time during this part of the encounter; otherwise, more adds will be able to spawn. Once you have respawned, there is a good chance that another player will have been eliminated within the first ten seconds, allowing you to reclaim their seat. You may win the battle against Shinryu without suffering too many fatalities if you have good teamwork and communication. It requires perseverance, but the result is definitely worth the trouble!


    Healing/Support Roles in Shinryu Fight

    Your healer may be having trouble keeping up with all the damage done to you after a long and exhausting struggle against Shinryu. This is because the combat has taken a toll on both of you. The good news is that two things may be done to assist them while they focus on mending and reviving other group members.


    First, you may switch the emphasis of the enemy's assaults from your healer to yourself by using a tanking ability like Provoke or Shield Bash. This will cause the attackers to target you instead of your healer.


    Second, if you have enough TP (Tactical Points), use a TP talent like Second Wind to heal more health for yourself and your surrounding teammates. This benefit applies to everyone in the area.


    Thirdly, if your group needs an immediate heal, you should ask another player to temporarily take over the support roles so that your healer may cast Cure IV or Cure V on everyone in need of it. And as a last note, make sure you don't overlook that casting talents like Protect and Shellga may give extra defense against incoming damage.


    Once again, you must delegate this business before engaging in combat with Shinryu. Once all the preparations have been done, you are free to join the fight, knowing that every member of your squad will play an essential role in this intense and challenging confrontation. In the end, beating Shinryu demands patience, inventiveness, and thoughtful analysis of the most effective way to employ the abilities of each member of the group. Remember that if things begin to go poorly, you should not be reluctant to withdraw back down the stairs; after all, nothing is worth risking the life of a colleague for. Best of luck!


    Strategy & Tips for Fighting Shinyru

    Shinryu is a challenging battle. You are in luck since he has a few flaws that you may take advantage of to make things simpler. To begin with, he is vulnerable to assaults that use lightning and will suffer significant damage from them. Second, he will frequently call for reinforcements that will assault you; thus, your primary objective should be to eliminate them as rapidly as possible.


    Lastly, keep an eye out for his Whirlpool move, which will pull you towards him and significantly damage you if you get caught. He will also use this move against you if you are close to him but are not attacking, so make sure you are always just slightly out of his reach. It will take some time to wear away at his health, particularly if you don't have any assistance, but ultimately, he should be out of the game! Your only remaining option at this point is to collect your prize.


    If you wish to get gear ranging in level from 1 to 99, you should speak to one of the NPCs, who will offer to teach you how to do so. If this is not the case, have another conversation with the NPC and choose the refusal option for them to stop bothering you. If the situation's outcome is not what was anticipated, you should return to Maat for more instruction or support.


    Tips for Solo Players to Fight Shinyru

    Become familiar with the powers he employs and when he utilizes them so that you can anticipate their appearance (i.e., when you see an orange light, expect a fire attack).


    Reserve your most potent abilities until the fight's conclusion ensures you have enough mana crystals to activate them (you may want to conserve MP by being conservative with your attacks).


    If feasible, make use of abilities that do not need MP.


    If there are no close teammates to assist you, you should avoid taking damage from attacks that produce status illnesses or knockbacks. It will be far more challenging to recover from these types of strikes.


    Instead of casting spells that need a long time to charge up, try casting spells that have a short-recast time instead (unless the period in question is something like Paralyze, in which case it doesn't matter how long it takes since the target is immobilized).


    Make sure you are well-equipped for battle.


    Ensure you wear equipment that boosts your stats, such as INT gear for mages or STR gear for fighters.


    Get items from monsters to boost stats like HP+10% or ATK+5%.


    As a last resort, equip as many items with Auto-Shell as possible, and I hope it will protect you against one of his special attacks!



    Players will discover that Shinryu is one of the most challenging trials that Abyssea offers. Before entering the room with him, those who wish to challenge him should ensure they have a strong party and enough equipment. You're going to need it! The fight against Shinryu is not easy; he has more than three million health points, and if you don't carry your weight in the fight, he will continue to assault your comrades until they are all dead. If you and the other players in your party are all at least level 75, then I hope this article has helped you figure out what to do the next time Shinryu appears in the world again.