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FFXI Red Mage Guide

By zaryab2022-12-24

Since other MMORPGs at the time didn't have experience penalties, Final Fantasy 11 was designed to be more challenging. You lose EXP when you die, and if you die frequently, you might even lose the entire levels that you’ve reached already. This thing kept the game alive for so many years. There are several jobs, races, and characters that you can choose from depending on your playstyle. In this guide, we’ll explore the Red Mage job. To understand other jobs like Red Mage, we have useful FFXI Job guides that can provide help for new as well as old players.

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Red Mage Job Role in FFXI

There are many different profession classes in Final Fantasy XI, but the Red Mage, often known as RDM, is the most versatile of the lot. The Red Mage is a magical DPS with strong melee combinations that let it deal burst DPS while the party is being buffed and oGCDs that let it deal steady damage throughout a fight. Red Mage is capable of casting spells back-to-back to increase the Black and White mana, then utilize that mana to use combat skills that can chain into potent finishers. Experienced Red Mages can maximize their casting uptime during a fight by using Dualcast, a feature of Red Mage that turns every other spell used into an immediate cast. In Final Fantasy XI, the Red Mage is capable of a wide variety of abilities. With respectable proficiency in sword and dagger abilities and a native trait in both shield and parrying skills, Red Mage is a capable performer in any mage profession. That’s why they call it a “Jack of all trades”.


Important Things to Know About Red Mage


Red Mage is one of the few true hybrid classes in Final Fantasy XI.


Red Mages may cast the initial Regen and Raise spells, as well as Cure IV. White Mages have access to Cure V, greater-enmity equipment, and the best Regen/Raises, among other things, so even with /WHM subbed, we cannot heal as well as they can. However, Red Mages will be required to play the role of healer later in the game because of Red Mages' enduring power from Convert/Refresh.


The scroll and dagger will be in your inventory when you select Red Mage as your primary job. To learn the spell, you must utilize the Dia scroll.


All spells are performed by the Red Mage using MP; if your MP drops below the necessary level, you are unable to cast, and an error message is displayed.


Each race has a predetermined beginning HP/MP cap, and based on your selection, you'll also get access to additional stats like INT, MND, and CHR. A Galka, for example, will have less MP than a Tarutaru, but more STR and VIT. Being a Red Mage is a possibility for people of all races.


It is not recommended to treat Red Mage as a "replacement" or "filler" position for any other job. It is a versatile job that fits any role you play in Final Fantasy 11.




Red Mage Race Combinations



The combination of Red Mage and Hume is excellent, as Red Mage is a versatile mage capable of both White Mage and Black Mage traits. This combination has an overall good balance of stats.



When it comes to attacking and being attacked, this combination possesses the highest STR and second-highest VIT, making them true survivors. It is ideal for when you want to beat down your victim while simultaneously wreaking havoc on them with magic.



AGI and DEX are two advantageous stats for Red Mage and Mitha. Both of these qualities, together with their respectable HP and MP, make them great RDM users of both weapons and magic.



Galka and Red Mage have the highest HP and VIT combined in the game, increasing the likelihood that they will survive a single opponent. They also have a respectable STR, so when the occasion arises, they may trade strikes.


Leveling Up With Red Mage


Level 1-10

You'll find it considerably simpler to solo these levels with Red Mage. There are numerous options available to you. I advise exchanging your Onion Dagger for a Bronze Sword if this is your first job. Alternately, if you have the money, invest in a Marine Shield and a Wax Sword +1. You can use these up until levels 11 and 9, respectively. If you play your cards correctly, you can quickly reach Lv. 3 in the game. When you learn the spell Cure, you can start soloing very successfully.


Level 10-20

A lot of spells will also be available to you, like Dia, Blind, Paralyze, and Poison. It's a good idea to start fights with a few of these unless you're low on MP, and then go on to employing sporadic nukes and occasionally throwing out some Cures. You receive the first of your line of job-specific qualities at level 15. These will reduce the casting and recasting times of your spells by a modest amount, giving them a permanent Haste effect. It is recommended to switch to White Mage for these ten levels because the extra mind, MP, and job-specific spells will be a tremendous help to you.


Level 20-40

You'll have a good notion of how to utilize your MP at this time. When you turn to level 21, you get the spell Gravity, which is incredibly useful. It reduces the monster's evasion and slows down its mobility. Pray it lands when you use it once at the beginning of a conflict. White Mage should still be substituted until at least level 40. You also gain access to the incredibly helpful job-specific spell, Dispel, at level 32. It is a remarkable spell that will entirely nullify one of a monster's buffs.


Level 40-60

The game's most advantageous enhancing buff for a Red Mage is Refresh. This spell has a single target and grants that target 3 MP every three seconds. It can nearly eliminate the need to cure anyone when used on a Paladin. Cast it first on you, then your Paladin, and finally, other mages. You have access to Elemental Staves at level 51. Having leveled White Mage, Black Mage, and Scholar is advantageous at these levels. You also receive your AF during these levels, making the entire party and you much more useful. Pick up a Shaman's Cloak if you can so you can use it between 56 and 59. Your AF is your closest companion.


Level 60-75

You'll breeze through the final fifteen levels with ease if you have your pimp hat and other Warlock armor on. Given the utility of Refresh and the limited availability of Dispel in most vocations, finding parties should not take very long. Naturally, since the Red Mage is very effective in groups, you should level up fairly quickly as well. You have to face Maat when you're 70. Given that you'll be playing the Red Mage, he won't be simple. Most of it depends on luck.


Level 75-Endgame

Stun-gunning is made possible by the two-hour Red Mage ability Chainspell and a Dark Knight support position. To keep a monster permanently immobilized and crippled means rapid-fire Stun. Red Mages are frequently urged to go to Black Mage and Sleepga in Dynamis. Throughout the race, this is their primary duty. To avoid spending an excessive amount of time raising each person individually and having the staggered weakness timers, RDM might occasionally be asked to Chainspell-Raise after a near-wipe in Nyzul. Typically, Red Mages are asked to attend WHM at merit parties because of their healing ability. The RDM position in Limbus relies on the party a person is in. Just keep Stoneskin, Blink, and every mage refreshed in the BLM party. Although it's not necessary, sleep II on links can be useful. So that the whm and Tank may stay refreshed and Enfeeble the mob, there should be a whm in the tank party. If there are BLU or SMN in the DD party, keep them refreshed. If a WHM is there, use it accordingly.


Jobs Supported By Red Mage


White Mage

Black Mage

Blue Mage






Red Mage Itself as a Support Job

Red Mage is a support position, not as useful as filling in for White Mage, Black Mage, or Scholar. It is far less specialized than others and is regarded as the "Jack of all trades." The "Fast Cast" feature still holds a special place in certain mages' hearts, nevertheless, thanks to an increase in MP and HP at Lv.30 and higher. For any damage dealers who might desire to replace it, Red Mage also offers the "En"-spells for boosting the damage dealt. For those who want to do some light soloing with it, or for Campaigns with fast jobs like Thief, it also provides cures and dispels. Due to its access to the spell gravity, it is also a very helpful sub-job for mana-burning or soloing.


Final Words

Red Mage is a "Jack of all trades," thus you can pretty much never go wrong with it, especially when it comes to sets. Your weapons, artifacts, and relics are the only things that matter because they are designed for a particular play style. Red Mage is effective because it allows you to choose a certain course of action for a particular situation.

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