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  • FFXI Monk Guide: Strengths and Weaknesses & Abilities & Subjob Combinations
    By zaryab2022-12-07 00:00:00

    Monk Job in FFXI

    Monk is a basic job available to Final Fantasy XI players. Additionally, it is a typical job for beastmen and is the same for every mandragora. Monks are skilled in hand-to-hand combat, occasionally using only their bare fists but more frequently using a variety of knuckles and other similar hand-to-hand weapons. Monks have a relatively high hit point total and wear minimal armor. Even though monk typically plays as a heavy damage dealer in the current content, there is plenty of potential for lowman to transform into a tank under the correct circumstances. For certain battles, a monk is preferable since they have an easy way to cap subtle blows, which limits the enemy's ability to produce TP and stops them from using dangerous TP attacks.


    The Galka and the Elvaan stand out as the top monks among the races of Vana'diel. Elvaan's great strength makes them advantageous, although Galka's inherent high HP can result in some absurdly high HP totals. Galkas have a lot of vitality, which makes them incredibly powerful monks.




    Strengths & Weaknesses of Monk

    Monks are an extremely versatile, high-damaging job. They primarily deal bludgeoning damage and have a main weapon with low skill, but they have access to many Speed, Strength, and Accuracy boosts that more than make up for any innate lack of accuracy. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a job doesn’t ensure that you can make the most out of it; it requires extra knowledge and practice to achieve perfection. You need to go through thorough FFXI job guides to learn the tactics to make the most out of a job in FFXI. 


    What is Monk Good At?


    1. Overall High HP

    2. Monks deal incredibly high damage to Skeletons while dealing very decent damage to creatures with low and mediocre protection.

    3. Attacks are frequent and swift, and they only get quicker as a player's level rises.

    4. Monks are some of the game's most potent damage producers.

    5. The ability to use the most potent hand-to-hand combat techniques.


    Drawbacks of Monk


    1. In terms of defense, a monk is not a good option.

    2. Monks struggle to defeat adversaries with strong Defenses, like crabs.

    3. Due to player preferences, monks do not have a weapon skill that can generate distortion until late in the game, which contributes to the negative perception of the profession.


    Abilities of the Monk


    Hundred Fists - Level 1

    There is no denying  Hundred Fists' awesomeness. However, it will make other companions dislike you; therefore the healer better be ready to pay for some treatments. Use this if your group draws a link into camp or for a chain five. It steals hate extremely easily, yet it does terrible damage. In essence, you will attack incredibly quickly because it will bring your entire delay down to a very small figure. This applies to any weapon a monk may carry, including staves, clubs, and standard H2H weaponry, and can only be used once every two hours, and it lasts for 45 seconds. Gears and weapons can be bought using Gil, which you can easily get from an affordable and trusted FFXI Gil store online.


    Boost - Level 5

    Many monks are confused about the value of boost. It gives your base attack a straight boost. It has a covert effect that raises the damage of your Chi Blast. There is a 15-second recast after the effect's three-minute duration. It CAN stack up to 12 times, but if no attacks or Chi Blasts are launched during the allotted three minutes, it will expire. It is much more worthwhile when you receive Chi Blast, which is significantly influenced by how frequently you have boosted, and even more worthwhile when you receive your AF gloves (Temple Gloves), which further raise power.


    Dodge - Level 15

    Dodge is rather obvious from the ability's name. You receive a minor increase in evasion once every five minutes for two minutes. With AF boots, the rise becomes stronger; this is mostly a hate-inducing tool for tanking. The usage of it in any other way is entirely unnecessary. In particular, IT creatures won't notice the evasion boost much.


    Other notable abilities are:


    Focus - Level 25

    Chakra - Level 35

    Chi Blast - Level 41

    Counterstance - Level 45


    Job Traits


    Martial Arts Level 1, 31, 46, 61, 75

    Monks have their built-in haste, unlike any other occupation besides Ninja. The default delay for hand-to-hand combat between monks is 480. Here's how your base delay drops along with every level ascending.


    HTH Delay = 480

    HTH Delay with Martial Arts I [Monk Lv1] = 400

    HTH Delay with Martial Arts II [Monk Lv16] = 380

    HTH Delay with Martial Arts III [Monk Lv31] = 360

    HTH Delay with Martial Arts IV [Monk Lv46] = 340

    HTH Delay with Martial Arts V [Monk Lv61] = 320

    HTH Delay with Martial Arts VI [Monk Lv75] = 300



    You can occasionally counterattack an enemy's attack to deal damage to them rather than taking any damage yourself. Using Focus and Accuracy gear can increase your counter rate because more accuracy generally results in more frequent procs of the counter.


    Max HP Boost

    Your base HP gets a boost as a result. At level 15, the first improvement gives you an additional 30 HP. The second is at level 35, for a boost of +30 HP. The third is at level 55, for a boost of +60 HP, and the fourth and final improvement is at level 75, for another boost of +60 HP.


    Other notable traits are:


    Subtle Blow

    Kick Attacks




    Monk Gameplay

    The game's easiest job to perform is Monk. Debuffing, tanking, jumping, repeatedly skill chaining, and any other actions other than dealing damage are not possible for melee attacks against Monk. Monks are exceptional at doing damage because that is their significant quality. A good DRK will cast some Aspir or Absorb spells on the crab you'll inevitably be fighting. Dragoons are next to simple, but at least they jump.


    Subjob Combinations for Monk

    Due to the monk's exceptional HP, utility, and damage capabilities, this job can be used to create adaptable hybrid DDs that can change their duties depending on the subjob they are employing.


    Blue Mage

    Despite having the appearance of a strong DD, monks can tank due to their extraordinarily high natural HP and a variety of techniques to reduce physical damage. They typically tank by "counter tanking," which involves relying on their counters to reduce damage. This indicates that, in contrast to many other DD occupations, the monk makes extensive use of blue mage. The spells available to monks in this subjob enable them to strengthen their defenses if an adversary succeeds in getting beyond their counters in addition to gaining and maintaining animosity.



    The easiest method to take use of a monk's strength is with a support job that amplifies their damage. In practically every case, Warrior is by far the most popular and helpful support role for Monk. The Warrior has numerous potent skills that greatly help the Monks in the damage category. One of the finest damage dealers in the game is a Monk who has Warrior equipped as a subjob.



    Due to their inherently high VIT, which increases the potency of the Waltzes you would receive, dancers and monks work very well together. Drain Samba II is gained at levels 35 for dancers and 70 for monks when combined with the monks' quick attack ability and their capacity to absorb the target's HP. Not to mention that with a recast time of 8 seconds and a healing range of 150–200 HP in your chakra gear setup, Curing Waltz II, obtained at levels 30 for Dancers and 60 for Monks, can be very useful.



    Ninja is a popular defensive subjob for Monk. This subjob will be necessary for many encounters at the current stage of the game to deal with the heavy physical damage dealt in the form of AoE or powerful single-target attacks. And the most dependable method of tackling AoE physical damage or strong single-target attacks, is Utsusemi (massive defensive tool). If a monk finds themselves tanking, they can also fall back on their counter rates in addition to Utsusemi. By doing this, they would make opponents overcome numerous defenses before they could truly harm players.



    Useful exclusively for amusing solitary circumstances; not a subjob for any party circumstances or endgame activities. This is an unusual subjob that offers a Monk some very strange rewards. The monk receives even more HP, VIT, and MND than a WAR sub in the first of these situations, but at the expense of the offensive advantages from other subjobs.


    Final Words

    Monk is a role that is simply great to play. You'll find yourself in high demand for almost everything in the game, from tanking in Salvage to Chi Blasting Kirin and Jailer of Love, thanks to your abundance of power. You can use all of our skills in Dynamis to defeat Invincible or if required, melee stones. It still has a place, and a well-equipped and experienced monk can tackle a lot of things that a lot of people and jobs cannot, even though they could be more successful on HNM due to the low PER-PUNCH damage.