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FFXI Leveling Guide 2019

Shirley Huang October 30th, 2019 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

FFXI Levels are tied to each job class, rather than the character. Each class receives their own experience tally, and can be individually leveled up to the maximum level of 99, but FFXI leveling is not an easy task.

Looking for some FFXI leveling guides or tips?

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Level 1-5

1. Huge Hornets and Tunnel Worms are the best place to start. Grinding them and repeating it until you hit level 5.

2. Records of Eminence (RoE)

It will provide you with free exp, occasionally an item (depending on objective), Sparks and etc.

They can provide you with easy access to equipment and money via selling some equipment to the NPC, so sparks are the most important parts. When you build up sparks, just buy and sell the highest costing item (Acheron Shield) in the future.

Once you reach level 5 via RoE or a small defenseless monster or two, get ready to head back inside for the next part.

Level 5-10

1. Make your way around Vomp Hill and take on Stone Eaters, Walking Saplings, Rock Lizards, Young Quadavs, Amber Quadavs and Amethyst Quadavs.

2. Acquiring Trust Magic

Trusts are an essential part of the game. They are summonable NPCs of characters in game that will fight alongside you instead of party members.

Upon reaching level 5, a player may begin to unlock Trust magic by completing one of three initiation quests:

Trust: Bastok

Trust San d'Oria

Trust Windurst

If you are silenced, it may not be used, since Trusts are considered spells, and their recast is greatly impacted via Haste and Fast Cast+.

Unity is an extension of Records of Eminence and utilizes Accolades. Accolades are used to spawn Notorious Monsters (NMs) for rewards of Sparks and items.
Most importantly is that Unity allows you to quickly warp to areas you haven't been before, which saves you an immense amount of time.

Simply speak to one of the Unity NPCs and you are required to reach one of the areas for 100 accolades’ price.


Level 10-15

Head west to the pond, and you'll find the Maneating Hornets and Land Crabs. After you have finished them, you are easily to reach level 15.


Level 15-20

When players reach level 18, they can unlock via a quest that needed help. Though you can unlock it sooner via completing Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Mission 1-4, you should set it Free.


Level 20-30

When you finish every Gobbie bag quest, it will add your inventory 5 items. The main issue with these will be the cost of items, but if you have been taking advantage of seeking out various RoE objectives, then you should be able to NPC some Acheron Shields for 27k per shield and get one.


Level 30-40

You need to complete the Truth Beckons quest starting at level 30 in order to begin obtaining Traverser stones. In order to be in the zone, you must spend traverser stones. Each stone grants you 30 minutes in the zone. After you have completed the quest, you will begin accumulating a stone every 20 real hours.

There are various ways to increase your stone gain rate in the zone longer, but we will cover Abyssea, just unlock access to the stones.

Sparks are probably be the best way to make FFXI Gil at this point. This is best done during the "Gain EXP" RoE objectives. Simply because they are the easiest ways to complete again and again.


Level 40-50

Artifact Weapons and armor (AF or AF1) are weapons crafted specifically for your job. These weapons are pretty mediocre, but they are a prerequisite for unlocking your Artifact Armor. They may be an upgrade, depending on what you are using, and you may begin questing at level 40+.


Level 50-60

Starting at 50 and beyond, there is one every 5 levels all the way to 99.

Quest for breaking the limit of level 50 - In Defiant Challenge

Level 55 - Atop the Highest Mountains 

Level 60 - Whence Blows the Wind 

You must be past Nation mission 4-1 for this limit break.

You may start and complete each limit break for the next limit, one level after completing the previous break.


When you unlock Escha - Zi'Tah around level 50, I would recommend leveling in there from 52-60 on Dhalmels and Coeurls, so you can earn a preliminary amount of Silt, a currency accumulated similar to Conquest Points. You need Silt for level 99+, so you can buy the key items required to fight eschan monsters for better armor.


Level 60-70

Limit Breaks:

Quest for breaking the limit of level 65 - Riding on the Clouds 

Level 70 - Shattering Stars, and they vary based upon your job

Job testimonies are good for three tries instead of one.


Level 70-80

Moving on from 75 upwards will open up a lot of content for you.

The RoE sparks NPC only starts selling weapons at this level, so your armor is likely have a refresh. You may check the AH for some frankly overpriced items to help you out. There are level 75 three Unity Notorious Monster (UNM) battles, so you can take on with your trusts for a few piece.


Level 80-90

Collecting Mandragora is a popular way to reach level 99. Ionis also grants a skill gain rate increase, so your skills can catch up if you were rushing up in levels.

Until level 90, your main purpose in Adoulin is completing Seekers of Adoulin Mission 1-5, and then speaking to a Task Delegator in one of the coalitions to begin collecting Imprimaturs. These accumulate every 6 real hours and are spent on Coalition Assignments, which provide you with EXP, Bayld (the currency of Adoulin), and they are requirements for progressing through the Seekers missions.



Level 90-99

Pick up an Olde Rarab Tail icon.png Olde Rarab Tail or two in the side quest for this fight. It makes the fight trivial if you having trouble.

The items are regularly available through Repeat Login Campaigns under 10 points.


Get your last 9 levels and replace everything instantly.

The most efficient route is upgrade your 78 abyssea armor to the level 90 version.


If you are a new player, you can try to exercise the above steps, and you need to spend several months skilling up all of your weapons, magic and other skills.

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