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FFXI Gil Making Guide in 2022

By Hasi2022-07-21

Final Fantasy XI was released almost two decades ago; it is still ruling over the gaming industry because of its gorgeous graphics and fabulous features. Serving as the 11th entry in the long-running series of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XI is responsible for taking you on an epic adventure, wherein you will navigate the fantasy-themed world by controlling your online created avatar.


A variety of objectives are featured to put your skills to the test; however, completing objectives may reward you with lots of new things, including skills and in-game items. The most prominent feature is the Cross-play mode, wherein players of PlayStation join PC players to have fun. To start the game, you must create an avatar and jump to compete and cooperate in different objectives to develop a set of jobs, skills, and items.


How to Make FFXI Gil in 2022


During the game, the player must progress through the game hierarchy while unfolding the plot. Although the game was released in 2002, over 5 DLC packs were published along with six add-ons that bring a new storyline to the base world, including new areas to explore, events to participate in, and rewards to claim. In contrast to previous titles, FFXI is different in several ways.


The player isn’t forced to use the predefined character as in previous games; now, they can create their unique avatars using the extensive customization features. Final Fantasy XI Gil (in-game currency) assumes a vital role and requires you to fulfill dozens of jobs. Making Gil in FFXI isn’t a cup of cake; therefore, you should do some tough jobs at a particular level to achieve some. We’ve compiled a guide, “How to Make FFXI Gil in 2022,” to help you understand the steps and quickly get some for your character.  


Ways to Make Gil on Final Fantasy XI

Indeed, you would be wondered after knowing how players make lots of Gil so quickly. It doesn’t matter how much you do hard work to farm or craft Gil; in short, you can’t match their level of earning potential. You don’t need to worry because we will unlock Gil Making Secrets in this Final Fantasy XI Gil Making Guide. You will learn some best and most effective strategies for making Gil in FFXI, ranging from logging to Chocobo Digging to Farming. Having said that means, we’ve included almost all strategies for how to increase your Gil when playing the game. Before starting, it is good to know that many game marketplaces are active, offering you an opportunity to Make the Fastest Gil in FFXI at the lowest price.


Ways to Make Gil on Final Fantasy XI


Make up to 100,000 Gil Per House

Find Out New Locations and Tricks

Reveal Secret Earning Potential Chocobo Digging

Learn Tricks of the Farming Trades

Other Ways to use for Gil


Learn How to Earn Gil Fast like a Pro Player

Indeed, you might have noticed that pro players are making up to 100,000 Gil per hour. I mean, if you are new and want to compete with those players, then it is impossible because they know the best tricks that help them make Gil Fast; however, we’ve compiled some secrets that these pro players use to make Gil so fast. Following the methods, you will earn Gil three times more than your current. So, stop wasting your time farming Gil, as it takes a lot of time, and you will receive almost a peanut in return. Top tricks/secrets or tips to help you boost your speed of making FFXI Gil.


1. Find Out New Locations

You might know that the Fantasy-themed world includes many hidden locations to discover. Finding these locations won’t be easy; however, they are fully loaded with options to give you a veritable Cornucopia of Gil. Therefore, keep searching for hidden locations and utilize them to stack up FF11 Gil in your vault. Many locations that have been discovered in Vana’diel are the following:



Cape Teriggan

Valley of Sorrows

Gustav Tunnel

Kuftal Tunnel

Cloister of Gales



Hall of the Gods


The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah

The Boyahda Tree

Dragon's Aery

Cloister of Storms




Eastern Altepa Desert

Western Altepa Desert

Quicksand Caves

Chamber of Oracles

Cloister of Tremors


2. Learn How to Become a Miner

Did you know? You can quickly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of mining; however, it requires you to learn some in-depth mining hints while searching for the best way to increase your earnings while keeping mining in mind.


3. Farming

One of the best ways to earn Gil in FFXI is to farm monsters, which is considered the most effective way to earn in-game currency for MMORPGs. Similarly, farming Burning Circle and Notorious Monsters may offer you several ways to make Gil for free; however, a few other methods are available that may carry on during the journey. We’ve compiled a guide to help you learn how to earn Gil by farming the following.


Air Elemental Farming – Level 30+

To discover Air Elementals, you must visit La Theine Plateau, where you will find 1 to 2 Wind Clusters. After getting Air Elementals, you have an opportunity to sell them for 3.5k to 4.5k on almost all servers.


Crystal Farming – Level 30+

You can discover Fire Crystals from Orcs Native worth about 2 to 3K per stack.


Moat Carping – No Level Required

You aren’t limited to doing Moat Carping at any particular level. It means you can do it whenever you wish; furthermore, Moat Carping is acknowledged as the best and most reliable way to make Gil. To start, you must acquire a “Fast water Fishing Rod,” along with Yellow Insect Paste. Later, you can claim 150 Gil in return for 1 Stack of 12 Yellow Insect Paste. After that, visit San Di Oria or any other water spot surrounding you to set up your equipment and start fishing. Upon getting Moat Carping, you can sell a stack for 4K.


Leaping Lizzy – Level 30+

Many players appreciate the introduction of Leaping Lizzy because it was easy to kill. However, the rewards you claim will be tremendous and can be sold for about 250 to 280K on different servers. You should only need sharp eyesight to hunt Leaping Lizzy.


Light Elemental – No level Requirement

Before starting, you would be familiar with locations where light elemental is found. Usually, you can discover them on lover and mid. Delkfutti’s Tower. Besides, the tower is also available on Qufim Island; unfortunately, Light Elemental will only appear under double light weather. You can earn up to 10 to 12K per cluster.


Many vicious monsters can drop Delkfutti’s Tower Chest keys that can be used on a Chest to get Gems. That means you can get 4 to 5K FFXI Gil after getting and opening the chests.


4. Quest Master

Completing quests given by Non-player Characters is considered the most obvious way to earn FFXI Gil. You should only keep in mind what quests are worth your time investment. However, it also matters how much you can expect to earn FFXI Gil and where to discover them. Therefore, don’t waste your time with low-rewarding quests.


quest master


We’ve listed a few quests to help you get Gil. Besides, there’s a question of why you need Gil and where you can utilize them. You can use in-game currency (Gil) to buy better equipment, armor, weapons, and other items. Having better gears early in the game may help you achieve higher levels faster than others.


Warp Quest

Completing Warp Quest may help you claim 10,000 Gil within a few minutes. To start, you have to buy only  Slime Oil  using 1000 Gil. Once you make the purchase, find an NPC (Unlucky Rat) in the district of Bastok. You can exchange Slime Oil for a wrap scroll when you discover the man and bring your purchased item to it.


Warp Quest


Later, you can sell the Scroll for a handsome amount of 7 to 10K quickly. There’s only one problem the NPC won’t make a deal with you until you have enough fame. Therefore, you should need to run around the town to earn fame doing low-level missions. Besides, you can easily redo the quest to gain another 10K FFXI Gil.


Just Badge Quest

You should visit Winhurt because the Just Badge Quest is located there. Before visiting, ensure you have at least 1 Rabab Tail and 4 Onions in your inventory. If you don’t have one, we suggest you purchase a stack from the Auction House that will cost you 50 to 100 Gil. You can do it easily when you are on a low level.


After that, you should start your search for finding an NPC to give your Rabab Tail for 500 to 2000 Gil in the auction house. Once you receive the amount, offer the NPC 4 Wild Onions to receive 5000 Gil.


Note: You can repeat the same quest using a mule.


Fire Crystal

Did you know? You can earn up to 2000 Gil by selling a stack of crystals in the Auction House. The game has introduced two methods that help you collect Fire Crystals easily.


1. If you are curious about the most unusual method, you should start beating mobs and use the loot method. You are only supposed to defeat enemies, and that’s it.

2. In the second method, you must farm Fire Crystals using your gardening skills. You can start it by purchasing a plant pot in the Auction House and several vegetable seeds, and don’t forget to get some water crystals. Next, visit the Mog House to plant the flower pot and sow vegetable seeds. Give it water crystals for 1 to 3 days, and soon you will get 17 Fire Crystals. Per house, you will get 7 to 8 Flower Pots that help you make 30,000 FFXI Gil every 2-3 days.


5. Crafting

When you decide to do farming, keep in mind that Farming and Crafting are going to be specific when it comes to the sever; however, making Grape de Whatever, Miso Ramen, and Sublime Sushi would be great because they are rarely used these days. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some goods and best ways of making Gil quickly as follows:


              • Mule: If you have a mole for selling on Auction House, chances are high that you will earn lots of Gil from Sparks by merely purchasing Skill-up Tomes. You will make three stacks for up to 7K Sparks, and you can sell them for 100K a stack. You will receive 300K FFXI Gil for 7200 Sparks.

                Daily Domain or Wyrm Ash: You can sell wyrm ash or daily domain on your server to get Gil.

                Skeleton keys: Crafting Skeleton keys and selling them could be a good and easy job to earn Gil.

                Ambuscade: It is one of the best ways to make some cash in case you discover a group.


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