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FFXI Bard Guide

By zaryab2023-03-06

Final Fantasy 11 maintains a dedicated player base, despite being almost two decades old. The game's longevity can be attributed to its unique blend of traditional MMORPG elements, such as player-driven economies and raid content, combined with the distinctive Final Fantasy universe. The game has undergone significant updates and quality-of-life improvements, keeping it relevant and enjoyable for new and old players. Final Fantasy 11 also offers cross-play between platforms, further expanding its player base. Overall, the game's continued popularity in 2023 is a testament to its enduring appeal and the passionate community supporting it.


In this article, we will be looking at an advanced job of Bard in FFXI. Let’s get started!


Bard Advanced Job in FFXI

Bard is mainly a support job role in FFXI. It is an advanced job that offers a unique playstyle with a mix of support and offensive abilities in Final Fantasy 11. Bards are masters of music and song, using their melodies to bolster their allies' strengths while weakening their enemies. Bards can access a wide range of powerful songs that grant haste, regenerate health and mana, increase damage output, and even provide limited crowd-control effects. In addition, they have a variety of damaging spells that allow them to contribute to the group's damage output while still maintaining their support role. Bards are highly valued at parties for their versatility and ability to improve the overall effectiveness of the group.




Important Things to Know About Bard

Bard is a unique job in Final Fantasy 11 that specializes in using music to support allies and weaken enemies. Here are some important aspects to know about the Bard job before choosing it:


Bard is a highly versatile job that can function as a support or damage dealer in groups.


Bards can access songs that provide buffs, debuffs, and other effects to allies and enemies.


Equipment plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of a Bard, as it can significantly enhance their song duration and potency.


Bard's primary role is to support, but they can still deal significant damage through their songs and offensive spells.


Bard is a good choice for solo play, as they can self-heal and have decent survivability.


Subjobs that pair well with Bard include White Mage for additional healing, Red Mage for versatile spellcasting, and Ninja for increased survivability.


Bard is not recommended as a sub-job, as it does not provide significant benefits in that role.


How to Unlock Bard?

Players must first have a character that has reached level 30 in any other job to unlock Bard in FFXI. They must then travel to the city of Selbina in the Sarutabaruta region and speak with Joachim, the NPC bard located near the docks. Joachim will give players a quest called "The Old Monument", which requires them to travel to the Konschtat Highlands and examine a monument there. Completing the quest will unlock the Bard job and allow players to change anytime by equipping a Bard's Harp. The Bard job is a powerful support class in Final Fantasy 11, and unlocking it can add a valuable new dimension to any player's gameplay experience.


Leveling Up With Bard

Bard is a powerful job in Final Fantasy 11 with a unique play style that focuses on support through music. Bards can be a valuable addition to any group and can hold their own in solo play. Here’s a leveling guide for Bard in FFXI.


Level 1-10

Leveling up Bard in Final Fantasy 11 from level 1 to 10 can be enjoyable and straightforward. Initially, your primary source of damage will be your weapon skills, so it's a good idea to level up your combat skills and equip the best gear you can find. Using your songs to control and weaken enemies can be an effective strategy for solo play. When grouping with others, your primary purpose is to support, so use your songs to enhance the abilities of your allies. However, avoid pulling hate away from the tank, as Bard has relatively low health and defense. Additionally, seek out Field Manuals and Records of Eminence objectives, which can provide bonus experience points and rewards. Following these tips and leveling up your combat and support skills, you can quickly and efficiently level up your Bard from 1 to 10 in Final Fantasy 11.


Level 10-20

At level 10, you can start to group with other players in Valkurm Dunes to gain experience points. Look for parties in the zone made up of other melee jobs, as your support abilities will be most effective with this type of party makeup. At this level range, your songs will be much more potent, and you should use them to enhance your party's abilities to take on more formidable enemies. Be sure to keep a few songs on hand, including Attack Bonus and Defense Bonus songs.


When choosing enemies to fight, avoid the tougher, higher-level enemies that may be present in the zone. Instead, look for lower-level enemies that will provide a good challenge without posing a significant threat. Using your Chocobo when traveling around the zone is also a good idea, as this will allow you to move more quickly and avoid being caught by enemy aggro. Finally, watching for any quests or missions available in Valkurm Dunes is important. These can provide valuable experience points and rewards to help you level up faster. Following these tips and focusing on support and careful gameplay, you can efficiently level up your Bard from 10 to 20 in Final Fantasy 11's Valkurm Dunes area.


Level 20-40

At level 20, the Qufim Island zone is a popular leveling spot for mid-level players, so look for groups there. Continue to focus on using your support abilities, as your songs will have an even more significant impact on your party's overall effectiveness in battle. Songs like Minuet and Ballad can significantly increase your party's attack power and MP regeneration, so keep them up as much as possible. It's also a good idea to start using more advanced songs like Requiem, which deal damage over time to undead enemies, and Elegy, which reduces the enemy's attack power. By level 30, you should have access to even more powerful songs like Hero's Rime, which increases the party's attack and defense, and Mage's Ballad II, which regenerates MP faster. Overall, focus on using your support abilities and choosing enemies that are appropriate for your level range to level up your Bard from level 20 to 40 efficiently.


Level 40-60

At level 40, you can start exploring new zones like Crawlers' Nest and Garlaige Citadel for leveling. Keep using your support abilities to help your party, and consider investing in a ranged weapon to deal damage from a safe distance. Keep up your songs like Minuet and Ballad, and start using more advanced ones like Paeon, which regenerates the party's HP, and March, which increases your party's movement speed. As you progress towards level 50, you'll unlock even more powerful songs like Foe Requiem, which deals significant damage to enemies weak to it, and Army's Paeon, which increases the party's attack speed. By level 60, you can also start using songs like Soul Voice and Troubadour, which amplify the effect of your songs for a short period. In these levels, focus on using your support abilities and choosing enemies appropriate for your Bard.


Level 60-75

You should consider leveling up in zones like the Boyahda Tree, Cape Teriggan, and Attohwa Chasm in these levels. Keep using your support abilities like songs to help your party, and start investing in gear that can enhance your performance, like gear that increases your song casting time or gear that enhances your ranged attacks. At this level range, you will have access to even more advanced songs like Scherzo, which can reduce the casting time of your spells, and Threnody, which can decrease the enemy's magic resistance. Like Bard, you can quickly learn about other FFXI jobs and how to play them effectively.


By level 70, you'll unlock even more powerful songs like Carnage Elegy, which can reduce the enemy's resistance to physical damage, and Hymnus, which can grant your party a significant amount of MP. As you approach level 75, focus on building up your gear and completing advanced content like Limbus to acquire rare and powerful equipment that can enhance your Bard abilities.


Level 75-Endgame

At level 75, you should focus on building up your gear to prepare for endgame content. This means acquiring gear that can enhance your Bard abilities, such as gear that increases your song duration or enhances your ranged attacks. You should also continue to invest in gear that boosts your stats and resistances and can protect you from enemy status ailments. You should also consider completing content like Dynamis and Salvage to acquire rare and powerful equipment at this level range. Additionally, as you approach the endgame, you will have access to even more advanced songs like Paeon and Madrigal, which can significantly enhance your party's abilities. To efficiently level up from level 75 to endgame, you should prioritize completing content like Escha, Odyssey, and Reisenjima while using your support abilities and building your gear to prepare for endgame challenges.


Benefits of Using Bard

Bard is a versatile and valuable job in Final Fantasy 11. As a support job, Bard provides a wide range of buffs and debuffs that can significantly enhance a party's performance. Bards can provide party-wide enhancements to attack, accuracy, and evasion and debuffs to enemy stats and resistances. Bards can provide emergency healing and even resurrect fallen party members. With its ability to provide offensive and defensive support, Bard is a highly valued addition to any party. It can greatly increase the chances of success in battles and endgame content.



Final Fantasy 11 has maintained its appeal and longevity due to its unique blend of traditional MMORPG elements and the Final Fantasy universe. The Bard job is a versatile and valuable addition to any group that uses music to support allies and weaken enemies. Players can unlock Bard by completing a quest and leveling it up through solo and group play.

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