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Everything New Coming to FFXI with the August 2022 Update

Danikhan August 05th, 2022 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

With the next version update for Final Fantasy XI getting closer, it seems that the wait is finally nearing its end. The update is scheduled to launch in early August 2022.


According to the information showed on the FFXI official site, the maintenance will begin on the 10 of August at 01:00 AM Eastern Time. About 30 minutes after the maintenance starts, the update will get released.


If you are hyped for all the new things coming to FFXI with this new update, you are not alone. Here is everything we know so far about what changes and new stuff are coming to the game.


Everything New Coming to FFXI with the August 2022 Update


Gear Changes

First up, we have changes coming to the gear. The gear that is getting new changes includes the Boii Lorica, Ebers Bliaut, Wicce Coat, Bhikku Cyclas, Lethargy Sayon, and Skulker's Vest.


With the August 2022 update, all this gear will be getting some changes to their existing stats and will also be getting some new abilities. However, to keep things concise, we will only be discussing the new additions here.


First of all, the new Boii Lorica or Boi Lorica +2 will get a Magic Accuracy of +54 and Damage Taken of -13%. With the Ebers Bliaut +2, we get Accuracy of +54, Magic Accuracy of +54, and Regen of +4.


For the Wicce Coat +2, the update brings us Accuracy of +54, Magic Burst Damage II of +4, and Magic Damage of +24. Bhikku Cyclas +2 is also getting a Magic Accuracy of +52 and a Weapon Skill Damage of +8%.


The Lethargy Sayon +2 will get Accuracy of +54, Attack of +54, Magic Attack Bonus of +49, Magic Damage of +24, and Damage Taken of -13%. Finally, the Skulker's Vest +2 will also come with Accuracy and Magic Accuracy of +52, Attack of +52, and Weapon Skill Damage of +8%.


You might have also noticed that a lot of the gear is getting updated with Magic Accuracy. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the actual game with these changes.



Sortie is the all-new battle content coming to the game with the August 2022 version update. We don't know much about this content. However, what we do know is that it is going to be six-man content, which means that one to six people can enter.


Quality of Life Changes

Other updates that are designed to improve the overall experience of playing the game include the adjustment of spike flail with a smaller hitbox, Bhaflau mob placement, and some changes with the Rema ammo belts. With the Rema ammo belts, some countermeasures are being added in case you throw them away.


Final Thoughts

This is everything we know so far. Sadly, exact details are not yet released. However, one great thing coming to the game is the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign, which will launch on the 5th of August. With this event, certain players will get to enjoy the game for free for a certain amount of days. 

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